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By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2012-04-14 04:21 Edited 2012-04-14 04:50
Yes I know I have thought about selling it before and changed my mind, but heres the deal " I have way to many collector cars!!! For those who dont allready know this is probably one of the most internet famous Allison Daytonas dune buggys out there, AKA " Blue Moon Dune ", What is a ALLISON DAYTONA ??? Well to sum it up it is the best built buggy ever built BAR NONE !!!! Its not Cocky if you can back it up and Ken Allison  backed it up !!! Known as " The Caddilac of dune buggys " I have the build sheet and the price sheet of the motor and trans from Scat in California, the 2027cc stroker motor and Rancho trans cost 6,991.00 in 2005 and only have 1000 miles on them. The story starts in 2005 when Bill and Val bought this Allison from a broker in New York ( SEARCH INTERNET FOR BILL AND VALS BLUE MOON DUNE PROJECT ) [url=]http:// at that time over 12,000.00 dollors were spent on this buggy, I bought it from a police officer in Alabama that bought it from Bill and Val, I myself had the interior profecionally recovered, did away with the old Torq Thrust wheels and tires and replaced them with SS Cragars , I did away with the wireing and had a motorcycle mechanic install a brand new " Rebel wire " wireing harness, I reconstucted the dash and added new Grant steering wheel, new JVC am/fm/cd sterio with marine high output speakers, and used the new Stewart Warner gauges that Bill had purchased, in short I spent another  3500.00 on Blue Moon Dune not counting labor, Blue Moon Dune has the original blue metal flake gel coat with the white scallop stripes from the Allison factory . Multipal trophy winner, and when you drive her get in shut up and hold on !!! It is time for me to down size on my collector cars and I am offering Blue Moon Dune up for sale, if you are intersted in a dune buggy that is a great survivor with over 15,000.00 in upgrades not counting labor for 10,500 give me a call @ 803-417-2350 Ken, only all if you are truly interested. Thanks

By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2012-04-17 15:29
Resonable offers will be intertained, I have decided to get down to just 3 collector cars, my Shriner Allison, My Dads old 74 Ranchero GT, and my 1940 Hudson street rod, going to modify the front of the Hudson to look like a old Willys. Allready sold my 65 Beetle and my 66 mustang is next to go on the chopping block.

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By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2012-05-01 19:47
Little bit of a sad day in my life, " Blue Moon Dune " IS SOLD........ She will be headed to New Jersey in a couple weeks, going to miss her but I still think my decision to cut back and concentrate on my 1940 Hudson street rod is the right thing to do, and anyway to look at the bright side, I still have my Shriner Allison Daytona and Mom still has the gold Allison.
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