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By Nick R 2948 Date 2012-03-22 23:31
Hi again Buggy Gurus! I bought an oil pump puller off the internet, removed the main pulley, removed the four nuts on the oil pump, took the cover plate off, pulled the gears out, then tried to use the puller.  How does that thing work?  Is there a different size puller for different oil pumps?  Mine is a U shaped bar with a hole in the middle where a large threaded T fits through with a nut and washer.  I looked at it and it appears that the T might fit in the inlet and outlet oil ports between the gears allowing you to turn the nut and pull the entire pump out.  The problem is the T is much larger than the area that it could possibly be fitted into.  I can't get it in.  Is there a trick to this or did they sell me the wrong puller?  I will post pictures of the puller tomorrow if this is too corn fusing to decipher with my average writing and language skills.   :-)
By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2012-03-23 01:00
One other thing you should do before trying to pull the pump is loosen the case half bolts above & below the oil pump area.  We will let you know about the cross bar when you post the pictures.  Tom
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By Brad H 1498 Date 2012-03-23 12:35
It takes a bit of doin' but the t fits in like you think. You have to put it in one hole with one end sticking up out of the pump body and sort of work it around till you can get it into the second hole.

By Nick R 2948 Date 2012-03-23 23:21

Brad, thanks once again, I owe you buddy.  Also thanks Tom and Kathleen for letting me know I can loosen the case bolts.  I was wondering if that would help.  I will need to check the torque specs on that in my manual so I torque them back where they ought to be.  I tried and tried to wiggle/wrestle that T around but I didn't want to scrape the sides where the gears go in case I had to reuse that oil pump.  It just would not slide deep enough in the inlet/outlet holes to give me enough room to push it down and get the other leg of the T in the opposite inlet/outlet hole.  I will try again this weekend if my son isn't out in the buggy.  Ever since we got the buggy running and street legal my son has sort of taken over.  At least I can live vicariously through him.  :-)
By Brad H 1498 Date 2012-03-24 01:01
You're taking the "T" out of the frame right? ;-) just thought I'd make sure. If you still can't get it in no matter how you try, you might want to trim one of the sides just enough to get it in. You should also take the ends to a grinder or a file and round them off to prevent scratching the pump even though the pumps are pretty hard aluminum.

By Nick R 2948 Date 2012-03-24 02:10
Brad, yes I disassembled the puller and tried just using the T.  I thought about grinding it down but couldn't understand why I should need to unless there were oil pumps of different sizes.  Seemed to me that who ever made the puller should know how long the T needed to be to fit in the oil pump.  I will grind it down if I can't wiggle it around to fit.  Thanks again for your help, I'm not used to having to re-tool the tools before they work.
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2012-03-24 13:17
Empi tool by any chance? If so their quality control has alot to be desired. It may just have been manufactured wrong.
By Brad H 1498 Date 2012-03-24 17:37
I bought mine 20 years ago and remember now having to grind the ears down a bit. It wasn't an empi, but I can't remember who sold it.

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