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By jim s 1837 Date 2012-02-29 09:06
I dont have my buggy anymore but I still have some books That I used for mine. I dont want to sell the books, I would like to donate them to someone that is building a buggy with the kind of budget that I had, Being left over change in your pocket everyday and a wish list for christmas and birthday. The books are used.
1.  Repair & tune up guide for 1949to 1971
2.  Chiltons Volkswagen 1949 to 1971
3.  Offical service manual 1970 to 1979 Bentley
With the help of the guys on the DBA and Brad, Jeffery, I was able to build a what I thought was a pretty nice buggy. I have a new project car its still fiberglass but its a corvette.
Now if someone needs these books send me an address and I will get them in the mail. I just hope they go to someone that needs them as I did.

    Thanks a lot guys
By Kellison Jim Date 2012-02-29 13:29
Jim, I would love them! I sent you a Private Message.
Kellison Jim
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2012-02-29 13:38
Do you Qualify Kellison Jim ? From the looks of your builds you allready build a killer buggy ! Thats great of you Jim s ,what year Vette do you have, I was into them years back, went through 5 of them with that being a 1961, 1968, 1971, and 2 different 1972s, man I wish I had them all back now !!!
By jim s 1837 Date 2012-03-09 09:26
   I dont have the budget for the older corvette or the new ones so I have a C4. Mine is a 1990 vert. It don't need a lot of work, It only has 29000 miles on it. The car has never been outside in the rain. I do need to change the injectors. todays gas and factory injectors don't play well together. So I ordered a set of delphi's they should be bullet proof. But we'll see how it goes.

By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2012-03-09 14:55
Well Jim me either, but when I was a young guy I was really into them and they were affordable, when I was 19, I had the 61, and 68 at the same time, should have my butt kicked for getting rid of them, but back then I only had 2 things on my mind , fast cars and fast women, LOL
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