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By David W 1384 Date 2011-04-10 00:36
We made a little progress on the buggy today.  We started tearing down the engine.  Here are some pictures of where we're at:

The number on the engine is H0682423, and I think it's a 1500cc from '67.  I took a picture of the cylinders if you'd like to verify.

The condition of a lot of the bits is unknown, so I'd like to just replace everything, pistons, rings, valves, seals, gaskets, etc.  Is there a kit available that includes all of these things at a good price?  Is there a certain seller that has a better quality kit?  Is there anything else you'd recommend doing while I have the engine apart?
By Brad H 1498 Date 2011-04-10 07:33
I would have the heads blasted and checked for cracks. It looks like they were leaking at the barrels so I'd also check them to make sure the sealing surface of the head was flat. If the heads were loose for very long you may have to have them fly cut to correct them.

Check the main bearing tunnel in the case. If you can catch your fingernail on any bumps it definitely will need a line bore, Same goes for the thrust bearing surface on the rear main. If you have a VW shop in your area get it all measured before you order bearings.

I'd recommend doing the whole motor at this time. Putting a fresh top end on an old bottom end usually leads to the bottom end giving out fairly quickly.

By Sandsurfer Date 2011-04-10 13:44
I would also install thread inserts (case savers) for the cylinder studs. If you don't you will probably pull threads out of the case in the middle off your final torque sequence during reassembly.
By David W 1384 Date 2011-04-11 23:05
Thanks for the help. Toke the heads and block into the machine shop that I have work done and they cannot do the work on vw. and no parts stores here can get a overhaul kit or  motor and I try NAPA  to. I thinking maybe checking into a factory rebuild I have seen ads in dune buggy vw mag. anyone know of a good brand out there and maybe a good place for a overhaul kit just in case its to much money .I like  master overhaul kits myself. Thanks
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2011-04-12 02:26
For builders  Art Thraen @ ACE or Anible Chico @ CPR have good reputations

For engine kits there is always SCAT and CB Performance.
By Brad H 1498 Date 2011-04-12 16:32
I'd chose CB over Scat, lately Scat has been known for some pretty sketchy parts. I've been bitten twice. Lot's of other concerns on other forums. Those 2 builders are very well respected, I've met some guys that work for Art  They know their stuff inside and out.

By minivolks Date 2011-04-15 14:01
Do some math.  Add up all work to be done then price a new engine or rebuilt.  Could get a 1600 dual port for just a few pennies more.
By David W 1384 Date 2011-04-16 20:26
Thats what Im thinking to minivolks just buy a rebuild for the money.
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