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By John S 2 Date 2010-07-07 04:21
Hey guys,
Thought I would post this here first before I turn to fleabay.
It is a nice set of OG Perfect Plastics Tuff Tub bumpers.
Nice chrome and mounting brackets included.

Send me a PM if your interested.
John Shepard the DBA
By John S 2 Date 2010-07-07 04:23
John Shepard the DBA
By Kellison Jim Date 2010-07-07 04:33
Them there bumpers would look mighty fine on my Super T. What kind of money are you talking? If you want, send me a PM.
Kellison Jim
By Jack Purdue Date 2010-07-07 21:56
John, I too may be interested for my Mini T. Wanna shoot me a PM too?
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-07-08 02:00
Darn John maby you should make copies LOL.                 Ken........................
By John S 2 Date 2010-07-08 04:01
Yeah I gave 4 messages and no one has even seen pics yet.
I would hate to start a bidding war among friends so I will try to be as fair as I can.
What the bumpers are worth is hard to figure out.
You just can't buy them.
No one makes them and lots of people didn't save them.

My Boss at the VW dealership I work at now bought an original Boss Bug (how fitting) and it was equipped with these Tuff Tub Bumpers. I had an original set of Boss Bug from and rear tube bumpers in garage and gave him those so the buggy would look right. So, he gave me the Tuff Tub bumpers in trade.

I don't need T bumpers and would like someone from the Archives to get them that needs them for their project.

Would ebay be a fair way to do it or should I go in order of responders?
Getting pics for everyone Thursday night.

I also got an original Boss Bug pot metal emblem and fastback style hardtop from him!!!
I had never even seen the emblem before, only the stickers!
John Shepard the DBA
By John S 2 Date 2010-07-08 04:03
My boys at MAM tell me they can fabricate anything and retail it,
Maybe I should see if they can make repos of these old bumpers...
Wonder if Matt and Brent still read this stuff....
John Shepard the DBA
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-07-08 10:35
Thats a hard decision, Kellison Jim was first and we know how hard he has worked on his T and the pit falls he has run into on the his build, I am sure the other guys worked hard also, but if it were me I would understand first come first serve. starting a bidding war could be profitable but maby less fair than first come first serve in the long run, he!! its none of my buisness just throwing in my 2 cents but its not like one of them is standing in front of you with a hand full of cash, I myself would put a fair price that you are comfortable with on them and if Jim doesnt want them move on to the next person in line,  ( NO HATE MAIL GUYS ) LOL.  as far as reproducing them, most good fab guys can do that with a template and or measurments, maby you could take the measurments and trace out a template and sell the other guys that ???                        Ken.....................
By Jack Purdue Date 2010-07-08 23:00
Hey John, if someone else wants them first, I can really use the ones I have. It's just that they need to be re-chromed and you now how much that's gonna co$$$t me. I'm almost tempted to have them powder coated instead.
By Dan C 2177 Date 2010-08-04 22:20 Edited 2010-08-04 22:24
I`d be interested in the bumpers, being I don`t have any yet....By the way what is a pm???    I have a 61 mini-t  My Daughter is going to west Virginia for this week ....Let me know
By Sandman 2049 Date 2010-08-05 01:13
pm = private message
By Chris D 861 Date 2010-09-18 04:09
John-- P/M sent-- Chris
By Jerry C 2515 Date 2010-12-17 20:07
Hey John do you still have the tuff tub bumpers. Jerry
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