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By Evan M #82 Date 2006-10-02 01:46
For the last few months, HotVW magazine has been talking about a series of articles for a motor buildup to get 40 miles per gallon. The November issue has the first article in the series. It lists 9 parts for the motor to start the project, mainly for the short block and the pistons and cylinders. All the parts listed are from CB Performance. I was wondering how much this would cost me, so I went to their website and started looking. They are planning to build a 1745cc stroker, 76mm stroke X 85.5 pistons. Here is a price list for what they list in the article:

AS41 case                          $459.95
Forged 76mm crank              $179.95
CB fuel efficient cam              $79.95
CB super race rods 5.4"         $249.95
forged 85.5 pistons                $99.95
stock flywheel                       $59.95
straight cut cam gears            $69.95
light weight race lifters            $89.95
stock oil pump                       $26.95
aluminum push rods                $17.95
Total from CB                     $1334.50

They also mention a 5.5 pound crank pulley, but I couldn't find one on CB's website. I did find one of those on for $49.95, so that brings the total, so far, to $1384.45. I must mention at this point that there are parts missing to complete a shortblock and this price also does not include any machining on the case for the 76mm crank.
I was thinking about building one of these engines, until I looked up the prices. I could buy a 1600cc longblock for less than that and could use what I save for gas money. LOL
I'm going to keep track of what HotVW's spends for this motor and up date this topic every month because they don't even know if they will hit their 40mpg mark on a stock Bug. I think this buildup could run as high as $5000.00 because they also mentioned using fuel injection in place of carbs. Stay tuned, this should be interesting.

By Genom Date 2006-10-02 02:02
The heavy crank pulley sounds a little like the Berg Equalizer pulley...although I think that one may be closer to nine pounds.(IIRC).

You're certainly correct in your thinking of using a 1600cc engine and keeping the $$$ difference to buy gasoline. Besides, a glass buggy weighs an average 500 pounds less than a Beetle...there's an MPG gain right there.
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By Sandsurfer Date 2006-10-02 02:52
I don't know about the weight savings equating into fuel savings? The Manx style buggy is a bit less aerodynamic then a Beetle. The best mileage I got with my Manx running a box stock 1600 DP was 27 mpg. My 1969 VW Beetle Baja with a box stock 1600 DP regularly gets 30-32 mpg on the hiway.
By Evan M #82 Date 2006-11-06 02:46
Well, it's month 2 and time for the next update. They are putting the short block together. Here is a list of parts that they didn't include in the first month that is needed to put it together.

Main Bearings                  $23.95
Main Bearing Dowel pins    $3.95
Cam Bearings                  $7.95
Cam plug                        $4.95
Oil pressure refiel kit         $3.95
009 Dist.                        $109.95  (Are they really this much now?)
Crankshaft Gear Assm. kit  $54.95
Loctite 518                     $15.95

That's another $225.60 added to the price of this engine bringing the total up to $1610.05. They did the clearance for the stroker crank with a 1/2 round file because it didn't need much metal removed. I have had to abandon my own engine buildup due to medical problems, but will start it once the doctor bills are all paid. One good thing is that I have quit smoking and will have more money to spend on my FGB addiction. LOL
By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2006-11-06 15:00
Hopefully you'll end up with a smoking buggy - and I don't mean one that burns oil.

Anyone see the letter to the editor in the latest Hot VW talking about a past article on a 2 cylinder hgh milage VW motor?  Sounds like they disabled 2 of the cylinders.  The response did not say much except that you'd have to live in a very flat area to use it.

Anyone know how they disabled the 2 cylinders?  Just curious. Paul...
Chicago, IL
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By LoCashJohn Date 2006-11-06 21:56
I guess  you could use a compression release on the 2 cylinders in question.  Not sure how to stop fuel flow to those cylinders unless you were to use EFI.
I don't see this being efficient though.  You still have the fricition from these two moving pistons without any gain.

More brains than bucks...believe it or not!!
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More brains than bucks...
By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2006-11-06 23:59
I agree - I wonder if they actually removed two of the pistons also?  It would be easy enough to block off the intake and remove the valves for the two cylinders.  I just can't imagine it woiuld dramatically affect gas milage.  Then again - the new Hemi V-8's do just that I guess...
Chicago, IL
EMPI Imp 1002 ('69)/Subaru EJ20 Turbo/LinkPlus ECU
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