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By glassbuggy Date 2010-05-04 06:20 Edited 2010-05-04 06:30
There is a fellow  named Dan selling a mold on the Samba that matches an x file, so I shoot him an e mail and he tells me it is a Bob-Cat and it was produced in British Columbia.
Here are his words :
'' The mold was made here in BC by fibermold canopy's. I was told when I bought the mold that only 10 bodies were made.with the pictures you sent I have now seen two.There is a roof mold that is totally different from any other. The front of the body is an early 62 spitfire or truimph car,Can get you some more pictures if you want.''
So here are pics I have so far gang !

Attachment: x1.jpg (39.5k)
Attachment: x2.jpg (39.3k)
Attachment: 3196571.jpg (25.5k)
Attachment: 2994147.jpg (23.1k)
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-05-04 11:29
Bart, I love it! It's amazing what an email can do. (I'm currently working on a famous buggy that is already known, but I'm working with the original builder to source more pictures and a better history. (I won't spill the beans yet).

And it all started with an email.

By glassbuggy Date 2010-05-05 05:12
Very good :-)
We used to have a ''X file of the month'' page when the archives first started out - I don't think you will remember that - back in the 90's.
John, Paul and the other guys are the web Guru's. Otherwise I would figgure out how to make that feature available again. This gets people tuning in to see something different and gets them remembering/talking or sharing other pics . I especially like someone coming out of the woodwork to talk about the bodies they made, or knew a guy, or shop etc..
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-05-05 10:24 Edited 2010-05-05 10:30
This has to be my favorite thread on an X-file. I think the planets were in alignment during that one.

I'm not sure how an X-file of the month would be put together. Maybe it's worth asking about. I think you are right in that the X-files are tucked away in the buggy ID, not that much exposure is given to them.

Maybe it might be possible to have a random X-file load on the main page... kind of like the rotating banner which shows different images. I'm sure this would be much more work initially, but may pay off in the long run with site maintenance. I think I'll post this suggestion in the "things you want to see at the DBA page" thread.

By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-05-05 10:38
OK, just suggested that. Will see where it goes. I have this X-file on my list to do today, but it might not happen till much later or tonight. Time will tell.

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