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By surfbeetle Date 2009-11-05 07:25
I want to install an oil cooler on my ej20.  It's an early 1993ish JDM ej20. I was looking at the Flex-a-Lite sandwich adapter with the following specs:
    * Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter Kit; Thread Size 20mm x 1.5 in.; Thickness 1 in.; O-Ring 2.5 in.;
Will the thread for the oil filter fit with these specs?  The site I was looking at also had different specs listed for 1.8L engines but they only showed ej20's back to 98.
Here's my engine:
By Alden A 305 Date 2009-11-05 16:25
Im not sure what others think of this, but maybe run the cooler between the turbo and going back to case.  This way you are cooling the hottest oil the engine sees..  Just a thought.

Mattoon Illinois
By @Jeff GS Date 2009-11-06 02:36
That's the thread size of the adapter I'm running on my EJ20 (JDM version) - but I'm pretty sure all EJ series engines use the same filter thread.  I originally was going to fit a Mocal thermostatic adapter plate to run a remote cooler - nice and compact with built in thermostat!  There was a problem with this piece fitting properly though, not sure now what that was?  Wasn't until later I realized I couldn't use the filter in the stock position anyway - so now running a remote filter and cooler, a lot like a VW with full flow.  I used a Canton remote adapter.  The trick then was getting an adapter to convert my remote filter mount to use an OEM style Subaru filter!
Generally, the cooler adapter has a hollow "stud" that tightens the adapter to the block (in place of the filter) and had a threaded portion hanging down that the filter screws onto.  OEM filter screws on like stock.

Be sure to look very closely how you'll run the hoses off the adapter.  Not much room under there and you're going to be fairly close to the exhaust headpipes.

By surfbeetle Date 2009-11-08 09:18
Thanks for the advice.  Previously I had full flow on my 1835 and had to run stainless braided lines due to being so close to the VW exhaust.  I plan to do something similar.  I am debating on reusing my mesa cooler from the VW engine and mounting it in the rear fender or using a long cylinder style cooler and putting it under a running board. 
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