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By CLee Date 2009-09-27 18:25
im having problems in searching the purge valve solenoid on my engine.. i have a subaru jdm twin turbo legacy with gray injectors.. some says its on the passenger n others will say its on drivers side of the intake. I'd search both sides and the only electric thing around it is the knock sensor which is in the block not intake.. theres nothing screwed in with vacuum hose or electric wire on my intake manifold.. can somebody tell me where it is or if it was maybe not on the intake but on the body of the car instead.. or if somebody has a pic of its location would be helpful.. but even the diagram pics showing where its at.. its not located on mine.
By CLee Date 2009-09-27 22:44
im beginning to wonder if the previous guy did not do a delete cpc valve off of this engine before it got to me.
thats the only thing i can think of why its not on that manifold anywheres
By Tom V 842 Date 2009-10-01 18:55
I assume it's this on?

My engine is a 1996 EJ20R(TT) with stock yellow injectors and a 4G ECU (3plugs)

the solenoid is located just above the knock senor and is not needed when you delete the the evap canister. Just plug the vacuum lines and leave the electrical plug attached (otherwise the ECU might trow a fault code)
By CLee Date 2009-10-21 22:58
mine isn't where yours is.. in face the wiring guy said there wasn't a wiring for a purge solenoid on my wiring harness, also i looked everywheres on my manifold n theres not one on there. im thinking before it got to me the engine, the japanese guys took it off, not sure why the black tank by the boost controller came with the engine. mine is a 94 legacy twin turbo bg5a came with a sti v2/3 manaul tranny with rs automatic ecu.  has the 4 gray ecu plugs with gray injectors, so guessin its a ej20 h engine. however it puzzles me why the black canister or vacuum tank is still on there. somebody said i can block a line off , but dont know which line n where.
also Tom if your the one with the black rs bug with twin turbo that put a vid on youtube, i left a message on aussieveedubbers, was asking how did you do your fuel system on yours. im having problems trying figure the fuel setup. email me when you get a moment.
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