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By Kim R 1727 Date 2009-08-19 05:46
Hi everybody,my name is Kim and I'm from Michigan.Been searching for a fiberglass buggy project for quite a while.Finally picked one up a couple months ago,locally.It was pretty beat up,but complete.Previous owner was very ingenious on his fabrication,not in a good way.After checking it out closer I decided to go with a new Berrien chassis.I've almost completed the body work,one more coat of primer and it's ready,still trying to decide on a color?It's got a 1600 dualport that I freshened up with ring's and rebuilt head's.I'll add a Thumper later.It's a swingaxle rear and balljoint front.I've been picking away one piece at a time,hope to drive it this coming spring.Still collecting part's and trying to come up with a wiring diagram,12volt.All for now,later.
By Kim R 1727 Date 2009-08-19 06:00
I couldn't upload my pictures,too big,will try tomorrow after I downsize,sorry i know everyone likes pictures.

By glassbuggy Date 2009-08-19 14:51
welcome aboard, Sounds like you have your hands full (and pockets empty)
By Kim R 1727 Date 2009-08-20 01:07 Edited 2010-05-29 02:50
Thank's Bart,Ya it's time to follow the rainbow.I got the pictures working so I'll update as progress is made.                     Well haven't posted in a while,thought I'd update a little.Got paint on the buggy finally,sprayed it today,plan on using bedliner inside and lower outside.Got the motor up and running,it sounds awesome with the power pipes.Wiring is done(biggest headache)till it finally clicked,then it was easy.I picked up the old school American Racing 200s wheel's from a friend and detailed them,what you think.A few more odd's and end's to finish and it's driveable.That's all for now.Later Kim

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