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By John S 2 Date 2009-07-10 22:16
Delaware title, registration, and license experiences posted in this thread
John Shepard the DBA
By John M 2900 Date 2011-08-31 16:36
I registered a fiberglass buggy that I bought from a guy in New York who told me that, because it was pre-1973, there was no title for it.

Before purchasing, I called DelDOT and was (correctly) told that, in lieu of a title, I would need a transferable registration.  Fortunately, the seller had one and I made the purchase.  Then the fun began.

Fortunately, it was legal, although the wipers moved about as quickly as tortoise in a mudslide.  The inspector asked me if they can go any faster.  I offered to rev the engine and he quickly put his hands up and said it's okay (it's an indoor station, after all).

This is important:  Make sure that your serial number is accessible.  I forgot to bring a screwdriver to remove the carpet and --- would you believe that they don't have ANY tools at the DMV???  I was finally able to chew the screw off with my teeth (yes, I am exaggerating, but not much) and we confirmed the number!!!! (but not until AFTER he'd written on my registration that I needed to take it to the Auto Theft Unit, where my car would have been impounded for a couple of days)...

Next, I had to go to emissions.  They put the sniffer in my pipe (yes, 1969 was BEFORE OBD II) and I passed easily, which was fortunate, as I was in serious need of a rebuild on both Webers.

Then it is off to the inside, where a nice lady (yes, they do exist at the DMV... but they're rare) took care of the rest of it.  She had a lot of questions, though.  She asked if it was modified and I told her that it is a Beetle, but they removed the body panels and installed a fiberglass body.  Eventually (after nearly an hour at the window), I was given a title to my 1969 Volkswagen Convertible (no model name).

About the biggest issue inside was that the guy outside never crossed off the ATU info from my registration, and she had to confirm that I no longer needed to impound my car there (and whatever associated fees that would come with it).

She ran my VIN and mentioned that, even though the previous owner told me on numerous occasions that there was no title, a title had been issued twice... in 2007 and in 2011.  Although I'm concerned about that (and will try to look into it), I'm just happy to say that we passed and have a tag!!!!  For a two-year registration (which, at $80, was the majority of the cost) and all that goes with it (including a 3% tax on the value of a 1969 Beetle), it cost a little under $120.
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