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By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-06-23 02:06
I am picking up a x-0014 in the next couple of weeks from out in ohio, michigan area. I will post up picks as soon as i can.
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2009-06-23 13:31
Good, we need dash pictures of this body. After this body came to light and became an X-file, I saw it listed for sale. Oh well.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-06-24 02:13 Edited 2009-06-26 00:42

here is all the pics i have right now. It is at a friends house in michigan right now till i can get it myself.
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-06-24 02:16
Some of those pics are of the work that needs to be done to it while others are of the overall buggy and profile.
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-07-08 20:54
This will get some work this summer from a friend while i am away working in PA. Then in the fall it will be picked up and brought home to be worked on more at home. Hopefully then it will be fitted with a type 4 done up with upright cooling.
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2009-07-09 13:16
Not thats the kind of buggy project I am used to! Nice and banged up!

Sometimes I see some of these buggy "projects' that look like they just need a bath!

Can't wait to see the progress!
By Brad H 1498 Date 2009-07-10 04:00
Holy sabre-saws Batman. Someone sure had fun with that dash. Once you get the hang of it, 'glass is easy to work with and if you don't like it cut it out and start again. Good luck.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-08-31 00:35
some of the work that was done for me by my friend in michigan that still has it in his shop till i can get it.

By John S 2 Date 2009-08-31 03:20
Great pics showing what to do.
Keep em coming along!
John Shepard the DBA
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-09-03 02:27
Some more work done by my friend in michigan for me. Love watching things take shape while i am unable to retrieve it and work on it for myself.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-09-17 02:04
more work(again by my friend)

By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2009-09-17 02:16
Sweet. I wonder if he can restore the body where it meets the pan. I see where the body was notched around the steering box. I wonder if the body was cut to allow it to sit lower in the front or something?

Nice build pics!

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-10-12 21:49

more work being done to the buggy before i get it.
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-11-04 01:22
It officially gets brought home this weekend. So hopefully things will progress at a decent rate as time goes on.
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-11-10 23:57
Its home. Now to work on it as time and money allow. It needs some rework on some floor issues but all in all a hell of a deal for what i have into it.
By Brian B 1822 Date 2009-11-11 13:50
Where are the pictures as you got it home? Keep the updates coming. Maybe start a build thread. Looks like a lot of the work has been done but lots to go. Thats about where I am at.
Brian Boggs,Katy Texas
ThunderBug, Surfer GT, 49 Dodge
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2009-12-05 14:18
Well as things go got busy working on the project and havent taken any pics. So as soon as i can i will take some and post them up in the build thread.  I also picked up another buggy for a friends husband( Minivolks buggy) It will be his christmas present from her.
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-01-28 22:49 Edited 2010-01-28 22:51
Latest work done.

By Brad H 1498 Date 2010-01-28 23:11
Sure has come along way. Can hardly wait to see it in primer and paint. Floors look great also.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-05-24 00:37 Edited 2010-05-24 00:40
More pics of some of the work being done. I ran out of welding wire so i am at a stand still right now.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-06-11 01:06

Just some more pics. Trying to see if an 8.5 inch window will be a good choice. Also been sourcing out roll cage builders for it as well/
By Brad H 1498 Date 2010-06-11 14:11
The winshield will look great at that height, especially if you sit low in the car. It will give it that boy racer look. One small suggestion, round off the corners at the top of the frame to go with the rounded contours of the body. I think it would give it a more finished look and more suit the car, just a thought.

Your car is coming together grreat, you should be proud of  the transformation! Keep up the good work Nathanial.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-06-12 02:02
Actually the window will be rounded. This was really only a mock up for what i want. The way i want it in the end is for the window to be glued to the roll cage(like a modern car) that way it will be less bulky design in the end. Just in the process of finding a good roll cage builder first. I am actually proud of the way it is coming out. This weekedn i am picking up the motor and trans for it. It is my wifes car so it will get a type 3 auto and also a type 3 motor. The exhaust will be over top the engine when it is all said and done. Just need more money and time so i can get it done.
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-09-12 23:50
here is some of the things i have been working on. Also making mounts for running a type 3 auto. Its my wifes buggy so i need to make her happy.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-11-05 16:11
Put the motor in. Had to machine the flex plate some to fit over the step up in the crank. Also had to machine down the gland nut to clear the nose of the torque converter. But all in all everything is going smooth. I will get beter pics once the weather brakes and i can roll it outside.

By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-12-04 02:25
This where we are today. My welder crapped out on me so i am in limbo on work being done.

By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-12-04 11:34
I have never seen a sterring wheel like that, at least you cant break your thumbs if you take it off road, what kind is it ?   KEN.....................
By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2010-12-04 14:43
Me, I'm thinking Modified vw hub cap!
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-12-12 01:49
Yep it is or was a modified hubcap. I put an old wheel on it now i got from a friend locally.
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-12-12 03:03
Nathan, I didnt pick at you at all, I was thinking Pizza pan, It doesnt matter how long it takes, you had a big project on your hands, congratulatons on what you have accomplished, I myself think being different may be what Bruce ws thinking back in the 60 s, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see your buggy finished .  Get Er Done, but above all HAVE FUN !!!!!!!             Ken.................................
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2010-12-12 23:32
No offense taken. I do have some more parts coming for it soon. I have an adjustable front end and spindles coming for it. Then after i lower the rear of the car i need to find axles that hopefully fit since i had to raise the trans 6 inches to make the auto type 3 fit easy enough. Now that i got anew welder i can continur=e on my way to finishing the pan welding.
By Nathanial P 1644 Date 2011-04-14 01:15
Started working on the buggy again.Small steps. Also got a toy for myself a 1962 econoline pickup. The last pic is of what i want it to look like in the end.

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