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By Sandsurfer Date 2006-06-15 11:31
I used to see alot more people posting and posts in general on the Yahoo DBA site then I'm seeing on the new DBA site.
What am I missing?
By Bugvert 81 Date 2006-06-15 17:11
I think a lot of people are now posting on the Samba's forum instead.
????? How can we lure them back ?????????
By yellermanx y 25 Date 2006-06-16 00:48
I too am disappointed.  I was really hoping things would take off here once the new format was adopted.  I rarely posted in the old DBA just because I didn't like the Yahoo format.  I think people get used to one type of forum and then are reluctant to change even if it is a better one.  I post a lot on the Samba, but that is just because that is where the action seems to be.  I would really like to see this buggy specific forum take off.

I think the answer to Bug V's question is for as many people as possible to answer questions as soon as they are asked.
By Sandsurfer Date 2006-06-16 11:12
The scary thing about the Samba forum is that there is more incorrect information being given then I have seen on any other forum.
By Mr Bs Bug N Buggy Date 2006-06-21 20:49
Jerry, I agree with you.....I often read things there and think to myself "WHAT", but feel it is not worth it to take the time to correct it and start a rift you have to go back and defend.
Darren & LeAnn.....1 viper dune buggy....
DBA, DSB, Spokane, WA
By John S 2 Date 2006-07-03 05:27
What we need to try to do is all of us be DBA agents.
Instead of answering the posts on the other board as tempting as it is,
We should try to get the people to post it over here.

The standard reply to every post could be something like ...

The best place to find what "xxxx" that your looking for
is on the website in the forum they have.

THESAMBA has become a HUGE place for all VW people.
A ton of them like you guys mentioned are lightning quick to tell people what they have.
6 out of 10 are usually wrong. I see it all the time if it has a single hood ridge there are posts telling the guy he has a Sears Rascal. No pics of the dash or tail to see if it really could be a Rascal.

Another big one I see is the Berry Mini T. Lots of clones had flat dash areas so a standard buggy windshield could be used. The Real Berry Mini T had a curved bottom of the dash.
You will see posts on the Samba on these that are wrong too.

Also there are still tons of people on there that are new to buggies and will post that they have a manx,
and that it has rare hood scoops and a rear spoiler. :-)

I bite my tongue everytime I log in there.
But seriously maybe we could use it to drive traffic here. HECK they have the DBA in the sticky for the area
as reference material.

John Shepard the DBA
By Soul #111 Date 2006-07-07 21:02
I agree that all the action seems to be on The Samba.  I check this site every now and again.  I'm still too new to buggies to offer any good advice. 
By Genom Date 2006-07-09 04:26 Edited 2006-07-09 05:18
I see alot of incorrect info on the Samba buggy forum, but I try to correct what I can. I've been with the DBA for 5 1/2 years (got my start by offering to help pick up and ship a Manx roll bar for John S. from a guy near me that wouldn't ship it) and have learned alot about buggies and I'm about to pick up a new project.

Back on topic of lack of posts...the Yahoo forum lacked any real search or galleries or anything, this one is an improvement but not really close to your average forum which many are familiar with.

I also think that this forum may be plagued with problems that keep people away. When I first tried to register, it just wouldn't work at all. I tried to post earlier today to find I'm banned for being a Guest Book spammer...WTF? Problems like that just drive people away. I also see that avatars are in a half-ass location...looks like a jumbled mess. There's some real work to be done to make this an attractive forum. (I'd like to think I was the loudest complainer at the Yahoo forum concerning its layout)

I'll admit that I frequent the Samba forum because it is very similar to a Honda Element forum that I am moderator at.
They call me James...
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