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By Kellison Jim Date 2008-08-17 17:04
Well, we got the body and liner off my Kellison, so I can now get a better look at the engine. The one thing I noticed is that the engine is not actually mounted to the frame, but just sits on the transaxle. (Remember, I'm a newby to the buggy scene, so most of my questions and terminology might not be correct) However there is a mounting bracket on the lower backside that appears to be used on some of the member's buggies and not on others. Do I need to make some kind of adapter to utilize this bracket, or does someone make an aftermarket one that I can purchase? I'll include a photo of one with the bracket and mine without. Thanks!

Attachment: VWair.jpg (71.5k)
Kellison Jim
By Bill K 96 Date 2008-08-18 00:13 Edited 2008-08-18 00:20
Jim,  I am assuming you have a Crown conversion that bolts on to the transaxle just like the VW engine did.  With this adaptor the ring gear had to be flipped or the Corvair engine converted to reverse rotation(the Corvair rotates in the opposite direction of the VW).  If you have a VW starter then its reverse rotation, Corvair starter would be a flipped ring gear.  Transvair conversions used Corvair trannys and axles and came with a cage that supported the engine.  ConnFerr made a complete chassis that used early Corvair(60-64) trans and support for the engine.  Your picture shows the stock Corvair engine mount bracket.  These pics should help get an idea.


Attachment: CONN_FERR_CHASSIS_sized.jpg (50.1k)
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