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By Bryan A 229 Date 2008-07-31 18:07

It was my understanding that Meyers didn't build the SR with external door hinges? I understood that the external hinges came into use on the Karma kits? Seems odd that this "Meyers Manx SR" kit has external hinges & a Meyers SR dataplate?

I find it interesting that the picture of the body central tub appears light grey in the photo, but the close-up of the Meyers dataplate appears to be on a black central tub... could just be the photo reproduction quality, but...

Clarification, please?

Bryan in NC
By Rick M 333 Date 2008-08-01 02:04
Meyers never offered the exterior hinges, nor the window kit. Technically it's either a) a true Meyers with Karma pieces on it (like mine) or b) a Karma kit with a Meyers tag bolted on. Either way it's still a nice find...though I wouldn't pay that much. I think that's the second unbuilt kit I've seen come up.
By Kustoms Date 2008-08-01 03:46
Rick, Chuck and my self spoke to Bruce about the doors and roof. He said he did offer them. Karma did use the B. F. Meyers tags on some of there cars. They probably received interior buckets with tags and/or tags from the liquidation auction.
By Rick M 333 Date 2008-08-04 01:12
The roof I knew about; I thought he didn't offer the windows or the exterior hinges. Interesting...Mine must have been caught between owners - a four digit serial number. Winnie told me my car was produced after Bruce "left" the company.
By Kustoms Date 2008-08-04 01:16
The hinge sets are Karma not B. F. Meyers
By @Hawk Date 2008-08-04 12:31
I'll second that. The hinge set is Karma.

By Rick M 333 Date 2008-08-05 21:30
Er...hence my second (b) statement?
By Kustoms Date 2008-08-06 00:21
Sorry Rick, It sounded like you took my post about the windows to include the hinges. I just wanted to clear it up.
By Bill K 96 Date 2008-08-06 01:42
I have an old Manx Mania where Bruce refers to Karma," I did some work for them improving the door-hinge, top and side curtains."
I had a factory built SR2 (KC4-0109) that I got from Dennis Kasmerowski in N.J.  I redid the chassis which eventually ended up under Gary White's orange buggy.  Corbitt Marshburn from N.C. ended up with the body then I believe Jack Jordan from Ga. ended up with it.  I haven't heard whether it ever got finished.

Take care, Bill
By Rick M 333 Date 2008-08-06 13:37
No problem Tom. I hadn't realized that Bruce continued to "play" with the design even after it changed hands.
Bill, interesting back-history. I wonder if Bruce actually came up with the forward hinge idea? Those garage door spring hinges are a bugger!
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