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By Darrell E 1001 Date 2008-07-22 22:43
Hi all,
    My fiance and I are new to this site and the buggy world. About a month ago we purchased a 1970 buggy from our neighber. It appears to be a mostly original Thunder Bug. It has the texured black interior and whats left of the Thunder Bug emblem on  the front. The color is classic 70's with the big orange metal flake and some wild airbrush graphics.
    Hope to get some more information on this old ride. Thanks for letting us be part of this great site!
                                                                                        Darrell & Char

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By Kustoms Date 2008-07-22 23:48
Wow, That ride is sweet. I hope you plan on not touching it.
By Genom Date 2008-07-22 23:51
Very cool...

They call me James...
By John S 2 Date 2008-07-23 03:52
WOW, what a cool snap shot from back in the day.
From the Laced paint job, or the blow splatter circles, or the Diamond Tuck interior,....
Screams SEVENTIES....

I love it.
Can you please shoot a couple of pics of the tail end and the dashboard so we can add them to the archives.
I have a picture of the hood sticker that might help you get it reproduced too.
I'll dig it up for you.

Welcome to the DBA.
John Shepard the DBA
By Darrell E 1001 Date 2008-07-23 06:02 Edited 2008-07-23 06:21
A couple pictures of the dash and back. These are all that I have right now, will get better pics next week for the archives. The engine definitly needs some detailing as does the entire buggy but we want keep it all original. It seems to run and drive very good. John, that would be great to see a picture of the emblem. Thanks so much for your interest. I have done some work on the motor already, try to look past that nasty airfilter! This is what it looked like when we purchased it. Almost forgot, it also came with the top and a set of paddle tires and street tires for the back.

By Kustoms Date 2008-07-23 12:30
Volvo tail lights. Way kool. I like the cutting brake as well. It looks like the air cleaner has a sand sock on it. If so just take it off. I am sure the filter looks better then that. Looks like it was well built.
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