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By ron j 1012 Date 2008-07-02 22:26
how to register a sandrail in prescott A.Z.
It was made in the early 80's and has never had any vin's or been registered.  I bought it with a bill of sale and have been building on it for awhile but now I need to get a title before I go anyfurther.
Any help would be appreciated.

Also I would like it to be street legal some day.
2.2 subaru.
By Mel Adjusted Date 2008-07-03 01:11
I take mine to the Calif Highway Patrol and they give me a tag which is the VIN and then take the papers to DMV and get a title
At my age.. Everything I buy comes with a lifetime guarantee..
By Dallon H 1070 Date 2008-07-25 18:52
I build street legal Dune Buggies in the Phoenix area. The vehicle will need to be inspected by the state at any DMV that does inspections. To just a AZ serial number it will most likely be a level 2 inspection. Be sure to bring all your reciepts for construction of the vehicle because they will want to know replacement cost of the buggy. They will then put a AZ serial number sticker on the car and give you a form to take to the DMV for your title.

For the future to make your car street legal, you need all accessories on the car to be legal. You recieve a level 3 inspection and agian go to the DMV for title and registration. Its not to difficult, just need to know what to say and do, like going to any DMV. You may call me if you have any questions and I can help you out. 480-440-0921. I like to see people in AZ with street legal buggies. Its fun.
By Dillon B 2978 Date 2011-11-08 14:36
How strict are they with the reciepts? I have most of them however I am missing a few. My grandpa gave me my car that he has had since the 70s i believe. It is a sand hawk frame however I have rebuilt almost all of it. I need to get it registered in az however i am worried I dont have enough proof. I do not have receipts for the frame, motor, or trans due to the fact that my grandpa gave it to me and the car does not have a vin. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
By Tikamann Date 2011-11-09 12:23
Keith zickefoose here on the buggy receipts.
Paperwork is very important.
I live in Ohio and I registered my sand shark
back in the spring of 2011. 
I had every reciepts for everything.
Store receipts for small stuff like lights and turn
signals and the other small crap.
I had a hand written reciept from a friend for the body.
It also did not have a vin number.
I also had a hand written reciept from my buddy for the
Engine and transmission. Serial numbers were on the reciept.
I made my appointment and took it in.
They didn't care about any reciept but the motor,body and tranny.
The two receipts I had from my buddy were not notorized.
My car passed but before I got the vin tag, I had to take those two
receipts and take them to a notary and get then stamped.
Then went back and got my vin tag.
They keep all the paperwork and turn it in to the DMV.
Hope this helps. can see my street legal car under sand shark registry.
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