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By Mel Adjusted Date 2008-06-29 06:21
Here's a interisting papers on the Subru engine
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By Terry F Date 2008-06-29 17:09
Paul: That PDF needs to be "stickyfied". :D
By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2008-06-30 23:55
Someone Sticky-fied it before I got to it.  Either way -it sticks now.  Paul...
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By zach l 2690 Date 2011-04-13 02:48
I apologize for the many stupid questions that I will be asking in the near future but I recently bought my first buggy and know nothing about VW or Subaru motors/drivetrain. I found a 2.2 liter Subaru motor out of a 94' legacy with the transmission but I have not bought it yet because I am unsure how much modification will be required versus just putting in a VW motor. So I guess my question is..... How much modification will I be doing if I buy this Subaru motor and tranny?
By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2011-04-13 12:19
It would cost a lot of money to convert the Subaru transaxle to work in a rear engine configuration, but it can be done.  It is more common to use an adaptor on a VW transaxle.  Here is how we converted from aircooled to Subaru - I hope the pictures & text answers a lot of your questions.  Tom
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By KC Date 2013-03-05 20:12
I have a KEP Subie to VW T1 / Early Bay Trans axle adaptor for trade or sale if any one is interested.
I have all parts / bolts except the gland nut bearing for the subie engine. This kit is for the 1980's to early 90's engines and is HEAVY.
Kit is offered on their site for like $550 + waiting time (6 weeks) and shipping.
I am located in Ga near Chattanooga TN.
Let me know if there is any interest.
Trades would be for Daytona Buggy stuff (tops and seats) or stuff for my '62 beetle or my '70 Westfalia.
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