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By GreenManx Date 2008-03-28 18:36
Spring is here and the list of things i need to do on the buggy started.

What size and kind of batteries are you guys using in your buggies?

Meyer's Manx
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-03-28 20:33
I hear some gusy use batteries as small as a garden tractor battery. Somewhere out on the net is a discussion about the CCAs beeded to turn over a VW starter and engine. Surprisingly, it isn't a lot.

By Sandsurfer Date 2008-03-28 23:53
I have been running the same $24.95, 275cca lawn tractor battery in my Manx for 5 years with no issues. It has no problem turning over the 1915 in my buggy.
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2008-03-29 03:07
Lawn tractor battery here as well. The gel ones are best (can't remember the darn name for them!), but mine is a standard "wet" battery and cranks it just fine.
By GreenManx Date 2008-04-02 18:00
just pulled mine out of the buggy today it is a everlast 650amp cranking power and put it on the charger. is that around what you guys have because since i have the buggy it always cranked slow.
Meyer's Manx
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-04-02 22:00
That is overkill. For some reason something less than 100 CCAs is what is sticking in my head. I recall a VW starter drawing only something like 80A Don't quote me because I didn't go do an ammeter test on it... Going off of memory which could be dangerous.

Hopefully someone else will be able to add to my recolection.

By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2008-04-02 23:25
I think my tractor battery is 275 CCA. Stock motor, spins it just fine.
By GreenManx Date 2008-04-03 12:49
thanks guys i have a 1914cc with cam don't have the cam # infront of me. can this be why it cranks slow
Meyer's Manx
By michael c #69 Date 2008-04-03 14:41
I have a brand new 1914 with a lawn tracctor battery I think it is 275-325 cranking amps and it spins fast no problem at all  maybe your starter bushing is causing a drag? I did switch to an auto starter when I tried to start mine first time starter was dragging took someone suggestion and bought the auto starter will never go back to regular starter again just a thought
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2008-04-03 15:07
Agreed. Auto starter (got mine from Parts America with a lifetime warranty) is the ONLY way to go!
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-04-03 23:33
Anyone know how many amps the standard VW or the auto stick starter uses? I'm looking at re-locating my battery, and as space is a premium, I want to go as small as possible.

By Rayth O 670 Date 2008-04-03 23:52
heck Jay, it`s a VW  just put a crank handle on the pulley   lol
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By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-04-04 02:03
Oh I see how it is... You just want a free crank when you buy the engine huh? LOL

By GreenManx Date 2008-04-11 23:56
well i charged the battery and put it back in and nothing so after wacking the starter with a hammer it cranked and the stoped and made a sizziling noise so i belive i will be needing a new starter.
Meyer's Manx
By Mel Adjusted Date 2008-04-12 13:39
Ahh  the old wack it with the hammer trick... Unless your BB-Q some steaks I'd say that sizziling sound coming from the starter isn't good. I use to have a TV that wouldn't work til I popped it a time or two then it worked fine. Then I had a ex-wife once that didn't work to good and I popped her and she took a baseball bat and beat the crap out of me. I quit popping things with arms an legs anymore.
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By GreenManx Date 2008-04-12 23:39
Meyer's Manx
By GreenManx Date 2008-04-18 17:49
I GOT IT  with some help from Tom (Kustoms) I took over the shop here at work today even got my Boss working on it :-) put in a starter that Tom had laying around his shop and I thought i got it and same crap so I had some work to do that i get paid for and went back to it and added a washer to the pos of battery and that was it cranked over and started right up it needs some ajusting but 1 promblem solved. Thanks guys for your input.
Meyer's Manx
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-04-18 20:07
I guess I don't understand. It was a loose connection? if a washer solved it, it sounds like it may have been a bolt that has a shank, and the nut was run down to the shank, making the wrench tight, but not actually tight on the battery post. Am I close?

At least you got it running!

By Kustoms Date 2008-04-18 20:19
Um, A nut is the owner of the buggy.
By GreenManx Date 2008-04-19 00:09
the cable didn't make a good connection i guess.
NUT hummmmm ok maybe.
Meyer's Manx
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