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By Jeff GS Date 2008-02-07 23:02
As some of you know - I'm a big Deserter fan!  (No.........  really???)  :-)

Some somewhat advanced news has come my way from our Deserter group regarding the reintroduction of the Deserter GT.  The deal is, a guy out in CA (David) has the original molds and tooling (sorry, no series 1 stuff).  He's been working the last several years - part time - to get everything ready to put these bodies and parts back on the market.  Been a lot of trouble and dead ends to find reliable fiberglass people, casting company for the windsheld posts, getting the old molds totally re-worked to as-new condition, etc. , etc.  I'll just say it's been a labor of love and lots of $$$ going out, very little back in.  I beleve David's eventual plan is to do a full-blown introduction, website, and other bells and whistles - but he's not quite ready for that level of prime-time just yet.

So, after hearing the latest news and talking with David - I was told if there's interest in one of these bodies (or other Deserter related parts), he'd be interested in selling a few.  Keep in mind his production level is very low right now - and he's neck-deep in other areas (like the full time "day job", plus college classes on the side..), but he does or will have a few bodies to sell in the semi-immediate future.  He plans to have a few to sell every couple of months so he can keep his Q in the fiberglass shop.

If you're interested in talking to David and what he has to offer - you can shoot him an email: m87 "at" pacbell "dot" net.  Just don't expect an immediate reply (several days to a week or so seems to be the general reply rate), as stated the guy is super busy!  But if you've been wanting one of these bodies for your next buggy project - I think it's definitely worth a look!

By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2008-02-08 00:28
Hi Jeff - That is fantastic news!  I have to ask - is he doing the mid-engine GS cover as well?

I've been toying with the idea of a mid-engined Subaru buggy after talking with Albert about his rail, but trying to find a Desert GT body would be a lot of work.  I'll have to drop David a line. Maybe we can set up some links to help him "fill his quota" without overloading him. 

Chicago, IL
EMPI Imp 1002 ('69)/Subaru EJ20 Turbo/LinkPlus ECU
By Mel Adjusted Date 2008-02-08 01:20
Holly cows Batman if it's a midengine GS I want one so I don't have to wearout my Z running down to 7-11. Hmmm, I wonder how one of them would fly with a H6 Subura engine and a 6/speed trans.? What a rush and no dandruff.
At my age.. Everything I buy comes with a lifetime guarantee..
By Jeff GS Date 2008-02-08 02:37
Yes guys - he will have GS parts available.  The GS "kit" consisted of the standard GT body kit, plus an engine cover, the seat tub, a drivers foot-box and of course the tubular GS chassis.  From what I've been told David is mostly working on the fiberglass pieces now, but does have the GS chassis tooling.  I don't know, however, when the chassis itself will be available.

One thing I might add - speaking from experience: trying to deviate from the original relatively simple "appearing" GS chassis design opens a pandora's box of related changes that must be made.  While simple in appearance, much had been thought out on the original GS design.  It is a marvel of engineering and packaging.  It does not, however, lend itself to easily made upgrades to other powerplants or transaxles, let alone suspensions!  You would do well to just work up a chassis from scratch if you're thinking of changing anything.  Also, between a couple of us who have (or have built) the GS, we could come up with workable dimensions to scratch-build an original style GS chassis as well.

Remember - the GS was designed as an autocross weapon; light weight semi-monocoque design and big power to weight ratio.  Simplicity was key, so the design wasn't very flexible.  A thinly disguised race car.  But a very cool one!
By Bob E #19 Date 2008-02-08 21:18
I've got a mold of the Deserter GS, Series 1 (Manx clone) engine cover, if anyone is interested?  You would have to come up with the rest?

Boston Bob E.
Boston Bob E - -
By SurfNC Date 2008-02-13 00:47
Hey Jeff,
  Do you know if he is going to reproduce the top?  I would be interested in one of those.
By Jeff GS Date 2008-02-13 12:46
Yep, forgot to mention Bob E. has reproduced a mold for the Series 1 Manx style deserter GS engine cover.  I saw the cover on Bob's GS pulled from this mold and it looks fantastic.

I'm also pretty sure David B. has the molds for the GT hard top.  I don't know what the status of reproducing that part is though - best drop a line to David directly.  There were lots of pieces that made up the top, some of which may no longer be in production?  Close scrutiny of the top assembly instruction would be in order to source all the hardware.

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