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By Sandsurfer Date 2007-10-29 10:51
I have had someone contact me about a BC Bee brochure I have posted in my Manx Gallery. They would like a scan of it and all I have is the image. Does someone have this brochure?

And can you scan it for me?
By Phil T 560 Date 2007-10-29 16:13
I have what you need, but I do not know how to attach scans. Or send me your email address.
By Sandsurfer Date 2007-10-30 10:16
Thanks Phil,
My email is

By Jason L 702 Date 2007-12-15 13:32
I have couple of brochures.

Believe it or Not - that is my dad in the brochure riding those dunes.  I have other pictures and even located a original BC Bee to restore.  It's a work in process, but my goal is to preserve something my father created 35 some years ago. I have been on a manhunt to find old literatures, family pictures, and etc.   I even found original BC BEE order catalogs.
By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2007-12-15 17:35
Hi Jason - My wife has a BC Bee and she loves it.  I take it your near Battle Creek?  Do you make it up to Silver Lake at all?

Here's our officiial "BC Bee Advertising Gallery".  If you come across ads, I would like to include them in our gallery.

Is your dad still around?

Would you like to write up a short history on the BC Bee?  Its not often we run into someone with a direct tie to the creator of a buggy model.

Chicago, IL
EMPI Imp 1002 ('69)/Subaru EJ20 Turbo/LinkPlus ECU
By Randy N 5363 Date 2018-10-04 01:52
Reviving this thread.  I just picked up a BC Bee on a 64 pan and was wondering if anyone has brochures/manual/etc to share?

By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2018-10-06 14:25
Give it a little time, there is a member that may have some information, Glassbuggy.   You might also check in with this facebook page, perhaps someone there has some information. Old School Dune Buggies and Sand Rails
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