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By michael c 3832 Date 2013-11-16 23:11 Edited 2013-11-18 15:44
Got this buggy near Gainesville. She was rode hard and put up wet. Super beetle type dash. We have put her on a dolly and recently completed most of the glasswork.  She is in primer now and we are working out a few more blemishes before we seal her up and lay the cobalt blue bass boat flake with white /pearl flake stripes.

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By michael c 3832 Date 2013-11-18 16:45
Someone had at one point cut the tail for dual exhaust. Love the 442 style, but it had to go, so we finished the rear back to stock. Anyone got a spare Allison emblem??? Lol!
Also, there was an obviously professional drivers side quarter panel repair.  It looked to be a factory molded quarter panel if there ever was such a thing.  The new skin was perfectly blended in on the surface. But it was a third the thickness as everywhere else...  Instead of the typical 3/8 thick in the fender wells, it was 1/8 thick there with no gel coat or color.  Just raw glass from a mold. So we layered it up there til it was right. 
This body is easily the thickest dune buggy body I have ever seen.  HEAVY!! I suppose the molded in fiberglass gas tank is a weight tax.  Couldn't bring myself to cut it out...
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-01-21 14:38
Can't re-size pics... Sorry.  Blue flake went on yesterday!
By Brad H 1498 Date 2014-01-22 12:30
Looks good so far


By Leon R 2038 Date 2014-01-23 09:30
your rear seat insert appears to be the front seat/Engine cover that was sold for mid engine Corvair kits used when putting a V8 in the back seat area of corvairs.
By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2014-01-25 04:41 Edited 2014-01-25 04:51
Hello Michael, If you take your pictures to "paint" in windows and resize them to 40% they will turn out like this: Sorry about all the white in the post.  If someone can fix that, then let me know, i will remove my pictures

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-02-02 22:13
Finally the weather broke!!!  More flake today.  we shot House of kolors 'cobalt blue' flake - last month before the weather got nasty. the large flake(.025) with hok sg150 intercoat.  Then 6 coats of urethane clear. While that kicked and the weather sucked, we blocked this down flat. It was super textured. Soon we were ready. 
.008 flake got layed down today! After 3 more coats of clear on top of that the depth is incredible.  Soon, hok Snow White pearl will be striped properly... Kenny Allison style.

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By michael c 3832 Date 2014-02-02 22:29
Fluorescent lights... Wait til it's in the sun!!!!

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By michael c 3832 Date 2014-02-03 01:07
One more for fun

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By michael c 3832 Date 2014-03-03 16:09
The engine is getting new jugs and pistons.
Meanwhile, the rear drums were converted to disc brakes.  We decided there might be too much nose dive with discs in the front.  Don't want any chance of the all too common front tire rub.

Attachment: image.jpg (366.7k)
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-03-07 12:25
Here's the motor on the test stand.  She is getting fired off today and married to the transaxle.  Finally coming together! 

Attachment: image.jpg (904.4k)
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-03-14 23:07
Got the engine back today. It's on the chassis now!  These headers sound sick!!

By Chuck Geon_Bugman Young Date 2014-03-16 13:03
Your gonna LOVE the sound from those thunder cannons! I run them all the time.
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-03-22 19:01
Here the harness is getting wrapped with one inch harness wrap.  No sticky residue!!!
Ahh the smell of solder in the morning!

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-03-26 20:05
Found a pair on NOS Ansen 13x5.5 rims for the front.
So pretty!

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-04-28 01:07
So, on with more flake!  This time .015 cobalt went on.  I think it was like 400 ml SG150 to 70 ml flake each shot.  There were like 7 or 8 rounds.  SG 150 Goes on real fast and dry and the flake stays in suspension.  No time for flakes to move.
Then we masked for stripes.  After an Arctic white base coat, we laid on 3 coats of shimirin  Snow White pearl.   The tape popped up a few places so gotta do some repairs to the flake tomorrow. Then it's about 1 and a half gallons of clear!!!

Attachment: image.jpg (819.8k)
By michael c 3832 Date 2015-02-09 11:58 Edited 2015-02-09 12:12
Finally! Paint finished. 
What you see is:
Flake shot on with HOK SG150. 
Base flake coat... one pound of cobalt .025 flake + 8 coats clear.
Then, Half pound .008 cobalt flake followed by:
One pound .015 cobalt flake.
Shimirin Snow White pearl stripes then added.
13 more coats of clear. Block sanding
And finally 2 more nice wet clear (sure beats 20 hours of buffing)
I'm estimating about 200 hours labor on this paint job.
Not counting all the freakin bodywork this basket case underwent.
So worth it!

By michael c 3832 Date 2015-02-09 12:15 Edited 2015-02-09 12:48
67 beetle seats chosen for this build but sat up way too high. Looked pretty silly. Full leg exposed.
  They weren't ditched, but were modified (gasp) to sit as low as possible. Get over it.
The bottom of the frame was chopped off, and the arm geometry was moved to pivot from the upper bar.
I bought about 3 inches and it's just right.  Top of seat back matches the rear body line perfectly.
Nice aftermarket slides and it moves 80% better than any vw seat I've ever sat in.
From a 5 foot person to a 6'4 person comfortably.
We painted the original window frame black.
It's going on after we sort out the gas tank/cap conundrum and bolt the hood on for good.
Still working on the matching basket-weave rear seat covers. Crossing fingers we don't need more vinyl.
Getting ready for buggies on the beach!!!
Now if I could just find the right metal cooler to flake up!

By Vince P 3261 Date 2015-02-09 23:35
Looks good man quite the labor of love. Im going to try and go to Buggys on the beach for the Sunday part I live just above Tallahassee  so its not to bad of a drive cant wait to see more pics or see yours in person. Great work!!!!
By michael c 3832 Date 2015-02-12 18:15
Thank you. Yes a labor of love indeed.  We want to rush it so bad, but better to take your time.   We are getting very excited for Buggies on the beach!  Our idea is to outnumber bugs and busses on Sunday!   The more help the better.  Currently trying to get a rally approved to go through Fort Clinch park on Sunday after everything wraps up.  Slide in the back gate and through the tree canopy covered road, and out the front entrance. We figure it might be a nice way to end the show.   Keep on buggin.
By michael c 3832 Date 2015-04-19 12:40 Edited 2015-04-19 12:59
"Big blue" The Allison was finished enough to show just before the No Dough show in Daytona.
4 months gassing between flake shots should be sufficient...
Still need rear seat covers made up, but the rear bolster and "knee pads" tie it all together nicely.
Nice debut in Daytona!
Even met an older gentleman who used to work with Kenny back in the day!
Got a line on some original bumpers and roll bar...
What a great weekend!
Just a few stance and break issues to work out now.
Handles like it's on rails.
Cobalt blue flake a mile deep.
Gonna be hard to part with this beauty.
Can't wait for buggies on the beach!!!
Thanks for all the kind words.

By michael c 3832 Date 2017-06-15 18:46 Edited 2017-06-15 18:52
The molded rear seat was removed and a vw bug rear seat was modified to fit in its place.  A boat style bimini top was also added for shade.   This buggy is listed for sale on the

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