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By Andy K 5026 Date 2017-06-14 03:49
Hello, I am rebuilding a dune buggy and wish to install a external fuel tank over the back of the body. First, is this recommended and second, has anyone accomplished this task? Reason is that I wish to fill in the hood body lines for the gaps are terrible.  Beer keg looks cool but is this safe?
Thanks, Andy
By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2017-06-14 17:17
I agree, Looks cool, especially the old style ones.  The Question I have for you, What is the Law in your state?  If they will allow it, the next question is, What if your buggy goes turtle?  What will keep the fuel tank from rupture/leaking.   As in any thing, Safety should be the utmost importance.   Those old kegs were pretty stout, so would probably withstand most major bumps. Personally, I think they would be no different than a fuel tank in the bed of a pickup.  Again, I refer you to the law in your state.

Others may have different ideas and I know I have seen them on other vehicles in the past.
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2017-06-15 16:52
They sell spun aluminum tanks at many offroad stores. Some have a provision for a sender but most don't. They are designed for fuel and can be used safely. Here is just one example...but they are available just about everywhere:

What you need to consider is that it will certainly make your handling worse. You are removing a good amount of weight from a very light front end and plopping it right in the back of a very heavy rear end. This might make your front end steering feel very light, especially at speed.

The best place for the tank is right up front...where it was designed to go.

And what "gaps' are you trying to clean up?
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