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By Vic C 4866 Date 2016-11-15 21:05
I recently purchased a Manx clone project. A short wheelbase light weight body (3/16th thick) that at some time in its life was a drag/bracket race car at Irwindale Raceway (based on dash sticker). The car came to me very complete on a shortened pan, three transaxles, two sets of big wheels and a dual port engine. The body shape is very close to a Manx 1, with a flat hood and spare tire/battery wells. The dash is fiberglass and bonded on (not a Manx). The sills do have reinforcements. Possibly foam bonded in, not sure until I clean up the raw glass and probe deeper. I considered many build styles, but likely will build as a lowered drag/bracket race car. I will build my own chassis using a ball joint beam (just purchased an adjustable beam) and I.R.S. rear, raised up to achieve the lowered stance. Engine will likely be a big cc type 4 with upright fan shroud conversion. Transaxle will be type 1 and I'm considering using Hewland mk9 internals. I also considered a Subaru engine/trans, but there are NHRA issues with short wheelbase, non-original engine.

My background, I purchased and built a Meyers Tow'd kit when I was 15 (that was a long time ago), and also owned a Manx SR (green body #013). Switched to owning Lotus cars in 1975. I still own my first Elan and 5 others (Elan/Europa/Esprit). I've gotten very good at fiberglass repairs, wining awards for my Esprit restoration and doing fiberglass repairs on vintage race cars, as a hobby.

The Manx body has some distortion from sitting in the sun for many years, but I can deal with that, while keeping it very light. I have several other projects, so which one comes first......

Vic (in Colorado)
By bob P 3255 Date 2016-12-13 03:56
Vic, do you have any pictures?
By Vic C 4866 Date 2016-12-15 22:27
Bob, I'll work on posting some pictures. It appears that they need to be re-sized, to fit this forums restrictions. They won't be much to look at, a rolling chassis/body, stuffed with parts. I'm working on my Lotus Elan restoration on a rotisserie at the moment.

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