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By ChadBuggy Date 2016-02-17 19:56
Ok.. So I finally got an opportunity to set up a gallery and would love any advice that anyone can give. It would seem that the last thread that I started on this build lost interest while I was trying to figure out how to set up a gallery and everyone's popcorn either got stale or eaten and everyone moved on! lol...

Anyway, lots of work to be done and any time saving tips (meaning anything that others might have learned over the years so as not to make major mistakes in this project) would be great.

As you all can see, there is some damage to the front passenger side of the buggy where there is clearly some core damage to the fascia so wanted to find out from you how that would be repaired and keep the fascia intact and laminated so that it looks like the original bodywork. Do I cut away all the damage first and rebuild from scratch? Do I just cut away the broken edges of the top layer and remove all of the underlying damage and rebuild from the inside out? Questions questions!

Another area of concern is in the interior of the body where the inner tub seems to have a little bit of a separation at the shoulder on the passenger side where the tub itself is attached to the chopped strand sprayed fiberglass inside the body. It looks like either over the course of the years the fiberglass underneath the tub might have swollen due to heat and or moisture or when it was originally fabricated there was too much chopped strand sprayed into the mold and I wanted to find out from you if you have any suggestions as to how to repair that inner chopped strand that was made in the laminate so that the tub will fit correctly and I can install new upholstery.

I'm sure I will have more questions as I get involved in actually doing the work on the body such as how to re gelcoat or paint and which is better, and finishing techniques after the body work is complete.

I DO have pictures if anyone would like to see! Let me know if you can help
By Brad H 1498 Date 2016-02-21 20:25
Pictures of the areas you want to repair will help immensely on advise given. But usually you want to get rid of any broken or delaminated material and start fresh by grinding back the affected area, deep along the crack and tapering in depth out about 3" on either side. Then cut gradually increasing sizes of mat to repair the area and fill in the taper and using a rolled and brush lay in the glass and roll out any air bubbles for a strong repair.

IF the repaired area is going to be painted leave the painting as long as you can. The resin and body fillers will shrink back for a while after the repair is done due to the curing process, and if you paint it right away it will show up in the new paint. I like to leave them a few months and if it's summer time let the body bake out in the sun as often as possible to help speed up the glass curing.

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