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By Michael T 1299 Date 2015-10-25 22:53
I have the Red Urethane semi trailing arm bushings installed in the inner pivots on my Deserter project. When I was in the process of setting the rear ride height I noticed that the right side suspension would articulate freely when I bounced the chassis before measuring but the left side was sticky and reluctant to return to neutral ride height. I scratched my head for a bit about that then decided to troubleshoot the basics and quickly discovered the Big Bolt on the right side was not tight. I torqued it to spec and now both sides were sticky.

The red urethane bushing I have are made up of a pair of Urethane bushings that press into the eye of the semi trailing arm(which is knurled pretty good) and a gold colored (probly cadmium plated) steel sleeve on the inside. The steel sleeve ID is a snug press fit in the red bushing material and the sleeve fits closely to the pivot bolt.

My question is: What is supposed to pivot on the red urethane bushings? The bushing on the sleeve? Or the sleeve on the bolt?

Sleeve on the bolt does not seem right to me. Wear issues come to mind.

When the bolt is torqued to spec and the washers correctly located that sleeve is locked into position. My vote it that the urethane is supposed to pivot on the sleeve. Is that why folks groove and grease these?

Mike T

By Brad H 1498 Date 2015-12-01 03:43
Yes the movement is between the steel sleeve and the bushing, not the bolt and the bushing. Grease everything it comes apart much better in the future and prevents rust. Use silicone based lubricant not petroleum based lubes on urethane bushings. Petroleum based products will eat the urethane and it will fall apart.

By Kurt A 4257 Date 2015-12-09 03:36
OK, not to hijack a thread, but, let me add a new question onto this same topic....
I am in the process of attempting to remove my IRS arms to replace the bushings....and....have 2 questions:

1) how the heck do you remove the bolts that attach the spring plate to the IRS arm????  There is no room to back out the rear 2 bolts given there isn't enough room to advance out before the bolt heads hit the  Secrets please!

2) I have attempted to crack loose the first IRS bushing doesn't seem to want to budge.  I have soaked it with PB Blaster for days now, but, when turning the bolt, both the washers AND the bushing turn with the bolt!!  I have only been able to get about 20 degrees before the torque twist on the bushing prevents any further movement....and....neither do I want to force it to the point in fear of stripping the bolt suggestions???

By Kurt A 4257 Date 2015-12-11 04:44
well....with a little patience, a good week, working the IRS arm mounting bolt back and forth in small arks between soaking with half a can of PB Blaster....the bolt finally broke free.....PHEW!!!  I was SOOO afraid I would end up with stripped mounting threads and have to cut out the bracket and weld in a new less headache averted....

The bolt was essentially rust welded to the bushing sleeve...but dang if the bushing sleeve wasn't just as 'welded' to the bushing itself!

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