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By Kellison Jim Date 2015-06-23 03:46
This Scorpion belongs to the brother of the gentleman who I acquired my Scorpion from and the brother of the gentleman I purchased my Kellison Super T from. I've know about this buggy for years and saw it a number of years back when it was stored in a shed, but he recently moved it to his barn where I could get a better look. Too bad it was starting to get dark as well as no electric in his barn. Anyway, he built it in 69 and last registered it in 74 and it has sat ever since. This bad boy is Porsche 356 powered and considering that it has been sitting for over 40 years, still looks great. It even still has the scorpion on the dash. Made him an offer without the 356 engine, but has no desire to sell it, but did put me at the front of the line for when (if) he does.

Kellison Jim
By glassbuggy Date 2015-06-28 21:20
Thanks Jin, that is some great detective work, I love seeing this sort of thing. This Scorpion still has it's sting
By David E #127 Date 2015-08-23 19:31
I wish my Scorpion was that nice.

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By bob P 3255 Date 2015-08-24 02:19
Project time david..............................
By Kellison Jim Date 2016-02-21 03:31
Okay, now the big question. The owner might part with this Scorpion, but he's going to want big bucks! This is an all original time capsule from 1970 including MGB front seats w/ custom back seat to match fronts. Original parts that the build manual suggested, such as 1968 Rambler American tail lights, Dodge Charger fuel cap, Datsun Roadster windshield and the original real Scorpion on the dash. However. instead of the Corvair engine, this bad boy is equipped with a Porsche 356 power plant. By the way! The last time this Scorpion was on the streets was 1972 and it has ALWAYS been kept inside.

Now I just need to do some research to see the value of the 356 engine to determine what my best offer should be. Any help with determining value of this Scorpion is welcome.
Kellison Jim
By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2016-02-21 15:00
Good Luck in the purchase, sounds like a sweet deal.
By Kenny U 2150 Date 2016-02-22 23:49
Good luck Jim.  That would be great to have.
By Kellison Jim Date 2016-02-24 00:07
Hey Kenny, You still have your buggies?
Kellison Jim
By Kenny U 2150 Date 2016-02-24 02:39
I sold my Sportsman.  I still have my mid engine sand rail and the Rattler bodies.  Larry is having the bug show in June this year.
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