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By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2015-02-25 21:21 Edited 2015-02-26 15:50
Come join us!   The Manx Club will once again host a dune buggy gathering at the Carlisle Import & Kit Car show in Carlisle, PA on May 15  -17th, 2015.  You don't have to be a Manx Club member to enjoy this weekend.

How to sign up - go to , pick the type of entry you want, enter your information, at the club entry, either pick dunebuggyarchives from the drop down list, or Manx Club.  In the past years we won 2nd & 3rd place for club participation.

Look for the host tent provided by the Manx Club, which will be the gathering spot.  Bruce Meyers will host talks at specified times and be available for pictures or to sign items.  There will be a road cruise on Saturday afternoon hosted by Carlisle Events which is open to all buggy owners.  There will also be a get together dinner Sat night, for that I will need a count to set up a reservation.  Thanks!  Tom Iacoboni

Update 2/26/15 - I just received and email from Ed B. - "I may have failed to mention in my previous email that clubs who participate in the Club Tent Program at the Import & Kit Nationals are also eligible for FREE vending spaces.  The number of free spaces are based on your tent size as follows: 2."

If anyone is interested in one of these spaces, Please let me know so I can let Ed. B know.  Thanks!  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By Bob E #19 Date 2015-05-19 01:34
Here's a short video of the Buggy's heading out on the Manx Club Cruise, , before they got a little wet.

Carlisle is a great event and many thanks to those in the Manx Club that make it all happen.  This is the real deal for any buggy fan to come and take part in.  Really it should be on your list of things to do.
Boston Bob E - -
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