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By Larry R 3785 Date 2014-11-12 04:34
This unknown body I got here in northern Kentucky
Used a 65 shortened pan/ made my own lift, used windshield
And top only off of another buggy(I thought was too far gone)
It was originally red metallic gelcoat, sorry new here
And 1st posted this in the welcome section I believe
Thanks in advance, buggyaddict Larry

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By Larry R 3785 Date 2014-11-12 04:51
The red one is the old tub that the windshield
And top are off of/ it had corvette like tail
Lights and wood under dash was crumbling
By glassbuggy Date 2014-11-12 19:23
The blue body is an "Alabama Glitterbug" red one is a "Sand Shark"
By Larry R 3785 Date 2014-11-13 01:18
Thanks glass does the glitterbug have different hoods that they
Used? I ask because of the oval on the nose of mine above the license
Plate indent, and gas fill cutout on the opposite side. The one I saw on
This site also has an indent battery box built in & spare tire? Built in/ areas
In the tub(rear seat area).
By Larry R 3785 Date 2014-11-13 03:36
Ok I'm learning as I go, sorry glass I see the yellow glitterbug archive now
Much more like my blue one. Note, I saw 2 on craigslist nearby here
Within this past year. One was corvair powered the other vw, but
Both were identical to my blue one
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-12-03 12:22
What's too far gone about the red one?
By glassbuggy Date 2014-12-06 16:03
the Alabama Glitterbug is a very common body actually, I have quite a few on file. I always thought there was something that should have been on that nose though, never came across anything, most guys stick a VW emblem there. Perhaps it is supposed to be a license plate area. I also thought it a good place to put a ''D'' plate. At one time you could get a ''D'' plate with a year stamped into it ie: 1969 etc.

Your Sand Shark is not an Apache body so we ruled that out
By Larry R 3785 Date 2014-12-24 16:49
Sorry guys I have not been here for a while, but to answer your question Michael the red one the dash was crumbling apart from underneath and I thought it was made out of some type of wood this was 10 years ago when I did not have as much experience as I do now. So I traded that red sand shark body but I kept the windshield and the removable top. The blue buggy that I have built which we think may be a glitter bug now has that windshield frame and removable top. A guy that lives near my father ended up with the sand shark? Red body so I still know it's a location in order to take pictures if need be. Maybe one day soon I can stop by and check it for tags or identification that I was too young and dumb to know about 10 to 15 years ago.
By Larry R 3785 Date 2014-12-24 16:55
You guys will probably be happy to hear that I have acquired a new fiberglass doom buggy which I believe is a berry mini T pictures to come soon. It does have the curved windshield base, however I haven't checked out the windshield bracket enough yet but some that I have seen online appear that they go into the fiberglass body, and the one I picked up does not appear to have holes for the windshield post to go into. I got a steal on this deal the body an extra 1600 type three ,a block code AE dp 1600 and a 1500 which is currently on it. 250 bucks for all of it with an extra front end and it's not running but that's no problem at all

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