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By rich p 4175 Date 2014-11-25 03:22
Can the torsion bar suspension be junked and coilover shocks be installed-Rich
By Ron S 3875 Date 2014-11-25 13:33
Short answer is yes it has been done.

Long answer, starts with why would you want to and what do you hope to gain.
About the only real gain on coil over shocks to a torsion bar suspension is ability to have a progressive spring rate suspension. 
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-11-25 14:29
Anything is possible. Its not done easily or cheaply.

And the big question is "why?"
By rich p 4175 Date 2014-11-25 15:12
The reason I want to change over to coilovers is to get rid of some of the camber- when sitting on the ground both wheels are only touching half the tire width-Looks stupid and when I go to car shows nobody has that much camber,maybe after the motor is in and two people are in the buggy it will flatten out some-Suggestions Please-Thanks Rich
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-11-25 15:39
So we are talking rear suspension? And I assume swing axle? You can adjust the ride height at the torsion bars which will help with your camber issues.

To much positive camber and you lower them. Too much negative camber and you raise them. Based on your description it sounds like you have to much positive camber (wheels point out at the top). If that's the case you want to lower the back a bit.

There is only so much you can do with a swing axle though. It needs some camber in it. Coil overs will do nothing other than raise the back and make it ride more roughly.
By rich p 4175 Date 2014-11-25 15:56
Thanks Jeff, that isn't the answer I wanted but I didn't know what coilovers would do,I assume readjusting the rear torsion bars is a BIG job-Rich
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2014-11-25 17:16
Its not really that huge of a job. One of those things that will take you about 3 hours the first time and an hour the second.

Lots of talk about being careful...and you should. They are under pressure. But its not really dangerous if you think first and act second. I have used big C clamps or wood working clamps, or even hydraulic jacks to limit the downward travel when you pop the control arms off the torsion bars.

There are several youtube videos out there as well.
By Brad H 1498 Date 2014-11-26 12:38
Swapping to coilovers will do nothing to solve your problems with rear camber. Those angles are determined by the pivot points of the axles and springplates and on IRS the doglegs. IF you do go t ocoilovers for another reason, you will need to triangulate the shock towers in the rear as they are not made to support the weight of the car and you will eventually twist the torsion housing.

By rich p 4175 Date 2014-11-26 13:51
Thanks Guys I guess I'll have to tackle the torsion bars instead of coilovers-two serations should do what I am wanted ,mainly removing some camber,It may lower rear end also buy that should not be a big problem on dune buggy-Thanks Rich
PS-could not find real good u-tube on removing torsion bars
By ManxBug Date 2014-12-03 04:41
Once the engine is in and you roll it around (especially under engine power) it will usually flatten out.
By rich p 4175 Date 2014-12-03 14:55
Thanks I was told the same thing by couple guys at a Bug Fest this summer
By Ron S 3875 Date 2014-12-04 16:52
Both my uncles sold VWs back in the 60/70's, some where I have a dealer cartoon joke book from back then.  One of the pictures in the book is a rear view of a bug in a repair shop and the mechanic scratching his head telling the customer it is going to cost them a lot of dollars to fix the problem.
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