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By bob P 3255 Date 2014-09-21 21:34 Edited 2014-09-21 23:17
That' s right, that's how much I was charged for a guy to rebuild my stock carb. He also set the timing.......
To say I was floored would be an understatement...... And this was done in the name of a professional Car Museum that I trusted. I know the Mechanic is an Ace when it comes to any vintage car, but his Boss, the owner, is an absolute crook. Well, I got it home and now guess what, I have to take it back because it now runs like crap. I test drove it at the shop and it seemed to run O.K.  I've checked for any possible vacuum leaks, etc, but I can't find a simple answer.

At my age, I've got no one to blame but myself. Live & learn as the ol' saying goes.............

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
By LoCashJohn Date 2014-09-22 03:26
Wow!!!  If you don't mind, where was this service done??

Did they offer an estimate up front?  Even if not, that's WAY out of line for the work done.
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More brains than bucks...
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-09-22 12:07
I know it's difficult to get an estimate on a troubleshoot job, but it was obvious that with a totally rebuilt engine and newly installed wiring system, that the problem lied in the carb. It just was not idling right so I took it to
SNOOK'S DREAM CAR MUSEUM in Bowling Green, Ohio. 70 mile round trip. Like I mentioned earlier, I know the mechanic to be one of the best in the area. So I trusted that I'd be treated FAIRLY...

I'd gave to say that in my many years on this planet, I have never been screwed like that before. The owner of the Museum, Jeff Snook is the culprit. Obviously they could have installed a new or rebuilt carb for $150 or less and it would have taken less than an hour to install.

But I can't blame anyone but me............... thanks for the ear anyway........
By Ron S 3875 Date 2014-09-22 14:04
Dang and I thought it was rough on thinking of buying a rebuilt FISH carb for $450 or a complete propane conversion for a $1000 for my buggy.  At least that garages name will stick in my head as a place NOT to go to for emergency service (or even to ask the time of day) when I travel the states with my old 40's Hudson.
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-09-22 21:39
Good idea....
By glassbuggy Date 2014-10-06 23:45
Sounds like the place is the origin for the word '' Snookered ''
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-10-07 03:49
Well, on the bright side, I've got the little car running great again and it's on the road collecting miles.

Here's an interesting sidenote.. My wife and I had driven a little over 100 miles the other day starting with 3/4 tank of gas in beautiful weather when about 2 miles from home, ran out of gas. The gauge read 1/2 tank, but a check revealed it was  bone dry. Called our grandson who saved us with some spare gas.

I am now carrying a stick and an extra gallon of gas.  The interesting thing is that I got nearly 40 MPG.
By Brad H 1498 Date 2014-10-08 02:56
Damn Bob, that sucks. As a automotive tech I hate hearing stories like that becasue we all get lumped into the same pile as a bunch of crooks. I don't care how good a guy is $700 to rebuild a carb is outrageous. We do it every day at our shop for FAR less than that, and on bigger, more complicated carbs. I woulda kicked Snooks in the nads when I got that bill. I'd do everything to make sure the word got out about your experience in that area.

By Larry R 3785 Date 2014-11-13 01:27
I'm in auto repair as well& sorry to hear this kinda story, makes
It tough on everyone. What goes around always comes around
By Rick M 3613 Date 2015-03-23 01:31
Did you think about turning this guy in to the BBB?
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