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By Mark M 4189 Date 2014-09-07 17:55
Hi guys,
My name is Mark and I built a Baja bug when I was alot younger and have worked on bugs and vws as a hobby for many years. So I'm not new to VWs but I am to fiberglass dune buggies. The Baja bug I built, I used on and offroad and had many years of fun with it. Eventually it was time to restore the old baja. Well... the body was so rusted and abused, I decided to do away with the body and look for either another beetle body or a fiberglass dune buggy body to put on my pan.
A used buggy project came up for sale. It was basically the body on a shortened pan for $1200. Being that I already had a pan (and I didn't trust the paperwork for the pan it was sitting on.) I low balled $300 just for the body. The seller wasn't happy with the offer but to my surprise he accepted it and so we loaded it in my truck and headed home with my new body.
Around Christmas of last year I had a back injury and it has made it very difficult to work on my projects. My family is very helpful but realistically my buggy is currently in limbo as I await back surgery. I have put this down-time to good use though as I read and research on the internet for info on building the buggy. I have bought a few books off of IE: the A to Z book and the Essential Guide to Building Dune Buggies. I also have many other books that I have accumulated from working on VWs as well. So I keep my mind busy if not my body. lol
Anyway... through the searching and such I still can't seem to figure who the manufacture of my buggy body is so if anyone recognized the body and dash can you please let me know. I thought it was a rascal but the dash is different. In fact I've been searching and searching and can't seem to find another buggy with the same dash.
So.... hello from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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