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By Space Buggy Mike Date 2014-06-09 22:57
My father has been working on this buggy for a year.  We thought it was a Spatz, and after a sanding session we found the Dolphin Industries stamping on the tail.  After we got it together, and put the top on, pops couldn't even get in the darn thing. Then, we saw the new "dune buggy golf carts".  So, we had an idea.....
By Kellison Jim Date 2014-06-11 01:43
Photos please!
Kellison Jim
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 11:53
I'm calling it a step-side..

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 12:24
After cutting the ledge and fastening it in place at the bottom, a piece of 2x4 was screwed in place to hold the sides.  Several layers of super heavy glass was used to build it back up.

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 12:27
Then we flipped her over and melted PVC tubes to shape.  Filling tube with sand helps keep it from collapsing as bends are made.  After they were formed and sand removed, they too were glassed in place for the structural re-inforcement we expected we would need.

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 12:31
Some light bondo-hair skims smoothed everything out and hi build primer was layed on and subsequently sanded off..

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 12:34
Just to be safe, we decided to re-in force the mounting ledge.  Better safe than sorry...

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 12:37
Some block sanding...  Then went down some viper red!

Attachment: image.jpg (102.2k)
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 12:51
Then we used a crap load of .015 Fire Red chrome flake over that.
I highly recommend HOK SG 150 intercoat to shoot flake.  It flashes almost instantly so the flake stays put!   It really makes spraying flake a dream.
Use *NO* reducer and the flake stays in suspension!  No constant agitation necessary!

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-08 16:16
Now the hardtop roof.  We had some black flake we've been dying to try so it went on the top.  Pops is a Georgia Bulldog... After some masking, those shiny red flakes went on the roof ridges.  Then we tipped them with silver flake.
Here it is just before the 13 coats of clear it takes to bury that stuff.
Looks like 40 grit sandpaper...

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-09 12:19
The custom flat floor tube chassis was set high for some potential off roading.
We *WILL* be putting in 4 point harnesses so mom and dad don't fall out!  The racing buckets hold you in very well though.
Looks like the old school crager mags we plan to use and bf Goodrich 245's might not be big enough to fill up all that wheel well!  At least working on the engine will be easy!!!
Today we plan to mount body and mock up pedals and shifter location.
Hydraulic brake and clutch should make for a clean install.
Any ideas to run the throttle cable?  Want to keep floor as clean as possible...

By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2014-08-09 14:31
looking very good.  They should have a lot of fun in that!  Keep the pictures coming!
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2014-08-10 14:42
Your modification is similar to the Manx Resorter and the "Playboy" buggies, although the Playboy only has the step down on the driver's side.

Nice work!
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-08-10 16:05
Thanks jay!  I've seen playboys with both sides that drop down.  The double hump on those things is ugly in my opinion.    No offence to anybody- but the resorter looks somewhat gangly on the full chassis.  We tried to keep this 2 seater as sexy as possible.  The wide square ledge on this and the Spatz make for a good running board.  Gonna feel like driving a jeep!
By @ManxBug Date 2014-08-12 02:50
That looks really good!
By bob P 3255 Date 2014-08-13 01:08
Great job on a total restoration/rebuild Michael. That's from another "Old Timer" born in the 30's. That little car will be better than any Health Insurance policy on Earth. I know this from personal experience.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR DAD........................ P.S. Great photos........
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-09-21 14:11
Finally got all the bugs worked out with the hydraulic clutch setup and throttle cable routing. We were able to keep the flat floor relatively clean with just 4 small tubes down the middle.  2 hydraulic lines (clutch and brake) a fuel line, and throttle cable.  Got her all mocked up and bolted to the chassis.
Still need to install the new safety glass in the window frame and bolt that up.  Looking into roof fastening setups.  Hoping for a clean / flush looking install but keep the removable top option. 
This thing is so easy to get in and out of!!!  Once the fishing rod holders/aka front bumper gets installed, this will be a serious beach buggy! Getting to your pole takes less than 2 seconds from your comfortable shaded seat!

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-09-26 13:42
Hood bolted down!   Finally setting windshield to fit with roof.  This windshield frame is a little different than the traditional grooved window frame. 
Still trying to decide on final roof attachment strategy.  Safety latches on inside, or flush mount Allen screws?
Starting to come together!
The Wiring is in but we need to terminate the headlight ends.  With any luck, we will get a week or more of testing before manx on the banx!

By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2014-09-26 15:04
This is looking real nice!  Love the color. Will be interested to see how you deal with the top to windshield.
By michael c 3832 Date 2014-09-28 01:20
Apparently the kids live it!

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-09-28 01:23
The neighbors dog... Not so much...

By michael c 3832 Date 2014-10-19 11:39
The man himself gives his seal of approval.

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