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By Cornelius R 3369 Date 2013-08-18 02:53
I am looking for all the Information that I can find out about this engine that I picked up a month or so back
On the tag mount on the air box has this information on it
Volkswagen   OO  Brazil   S/A
Engine # BB1037969
Industria Brasileira
Tipo 127
??47 ?? hp    3600 rpm
Cilinderia dia cm3   1584

Then on the Engine Boss under oil filler Stamped on the engine # BB1037969
I believe it was a old water pump setup the guy I got it off of said it had sat more than it was ran,
It got ran on a bi monthly Bias to make sure it would always start for back up reason I guess.
It has what looks like dual port heads but has adapters to make it fit a single port intake and it has a small single carb on it not sure of size
It dose have a 12volt system coil, alternator, Battery.
The fuel pump has been blocked off, On Back of the doghouse oil cooler area has two oils line that go to a remote oil filter and a oil cooler that has mounted on top of the unit.
It looks the same as a 1600 beetle engine I was wondering if it would be a good engine to use or rebuild because it was a industrial Engine thinking that it was Heavy Duty for my Action Roadster T Dune Buggy
I would like to get all the information on this engine that I can find thank you in advanced
By Brad H 1498 Date 2013-08-18 07:00
It would be a great motor to rebuild for your buggy. The industrial engines were made to run at one certain rpm most of their life so the distributors had little or no advance curve and the intakes were choked down pretty hard, hence the 47HP rating out of a 1600DP where as the ones in cars made 60hp. There was nothing heavy duty about the internal parts. There has been some debate about whether or not the camshafts were the same as automotive engines, most guys seem to theink they are.

By Cornelius R 3369 Date 2013-08-18 15:09
Thank you Brad
I am not sure but someone may have said something about the Block being different and something in the oil sump,  Do you know anything about that.
The other thing, Is there any different in the heads,  I was all so told the heads had bigger values not sure way
By any change do you know anything about the "BB" engine code I was looking around on samba and a few other site to see if I could find the engine code and information but I had no luck like Year and etc. 
I have the original engine in the buggy now it is a 1966 1500 single port it is a good engine but it needs to be rebuild it is leaking oil from the doghouse oil cooler seals, and the push rod tubes and the fuel pump is leaking it has the original one that you can rebuild on it.

By Brad H 1498 Date 2013-08-18 16:27
If anything the valves will be smaller in the industial engiens since they ran at relatively low rpm. I think it will depend a lot on what year the motor is made. The engine case may have rear mounting points on it, 3 boss' with tapped holes in them around the oil pump. If you could post some pictures that would help a lot. Also look atthe casting numbers on the heads inside the rocker area.

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