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By Ben Y 3187 Date 2013-05-06 20:38
I bought this buggy a little over a year ago to keep down in Baja at my family's casa.  It ran OK when I bought it, but the fuel filters kept on clogging up so my first project has been to replace the old fuel tank that was full of sediment.  Since the buggy is in Mexico and I'm in SoCal, it is a drawn out process.  First I bought the new tank and brought it down.  Removed the hood/dash assembly, pulled the old tank, stuck the new one in so I could get an idea of where the new fill was going to go.  I purchased an aircraft style fill, and now the problem is finding how to position the fill neck on the tank so there is room to get a hose between the fill and the tank neck.  It's a tight fit. 

I ended up bringing the tank and the hood/dash assembly home so I could finish the tank mods and replace all the gauges on the dash.  After removing all the gauges I found that the dash was not straight and actually was a bit concave.  I cut out the fiberglass mid section where all the old gauge holes were and re-glassed it and got it straight with a little body filler.  The old hole in the hood for the previous fill neck also needed to be glassed in and sealed up so I did that now as well.  When I go down in a week I will bring the new tank, install it, fit the hood, and cut the new hole for the aircraft style fill cap, hoping that I can get it all to fit...fingers crossed.

You can see from the pictures to that the wiring is a nightmare, so I bought a new harness like the one JeffryP has used in his build.  I pre-wired all my gauges at home using a 6 pin weatherpack connector, trying to save myself some time when I get down there.

Since it is too hot down in Baja over the summer months I am planning on getting down there at some point with a trailer to tow it home so I can play with it for the summer.  My plan is to pull the body and replace the pans with diamond plate, or the alternative would be to replace the front halves of the pans since those are the sections that are starting to rust through.  With the body off I can fill the miscellaneous holes and prep for paint.  The color right now is a horrible maroon color which is on top of the original green metal flake gel how I wish it was never painted by the previous owner.  When I was sanding down to fill the old fuel fill hole in the hood I got some resin over the old gel coat and boy did it sparkle!  I am thinking lime green metalic when I am ready to paint...but that is a looooong way away.  Let the fun begin!

By Ben Y 3187 Date 2013-05-28 17:20
Just about finished the rewire with the exception of a few gremlins to chase down.  The fuel tank has been finished and installed.  Next step is to get it back home in a month or two.

By Ben Y 3187 Date 2017-03-11 19:49
Haven't posted in a long time.  Just about finished at this point, with only a few more things to work out.  Pics to follow.

By Lloyd B 2301 Date 2017-03-12 18:43
Very Nice!  Bet you are looking forward to some summer driving.
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