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By Dana E 3631 Date 2013-04-15 01:50
Well I hate to admit it, but the un-built SR that was for sale back in 08? has surfaced again. After I bought it I came upon a "70" Bug convertible that I could not pass up. It has taken my heart, as well as my wife's. So here it is again. I figured that this would be the best place to start as ya'll are true lovers of the SR's. Best I have found out Corbit Marshburn in NC had it, it went to a collector in Indiana, then two different collectors in California then to a collector in Tx. That's who I bought it from 5 years ago. If you look at the old posts about this in the box SR from a few years ago, the site is still on it and nothing has changed. There is one addition, now it comes with a '67' "Z" cut shortened welded and titled frame and beam. We all know that I didn't pay what was asked in 08 and now with the frame it should be worth a little more than I paid for it.

Kids grew up and moved out. Sold the big house and downsized so the project is ready for a new home to start or a collector that appreciates what this is. I don't know if the crate is original but it sure looks old and period and there are no holes in any of the parts. The main side panels and the doors look like they have never been out of the crate There are SR2 hinges, an SR and an SR2 manuals, misc magazines from the 70's. There is also some SR2 side windows and both tops. The fiberglass top has a crack in it but it looks like you can buy a new one now.  The main tub has faded to a nice gray from being outside prior to me. The entire kit has been inside for the last 5 years.

Thought I would try here prior to an ebay, oldbug, thesamba or craigs list listing. It is located at my brother-in-laws garage on the south side of Atlanta GA.  Hope ya'll watched the SR that sold today on ebay for $ 7700.

Asking $ 7,000 obo. is the best way to get me.
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