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By Tony S 2337 Date 2011-02-12 02:48
Looking for an original, good condition screw on fuel filler cap for an Allison Daytona. The same one pictured on Ken L's red and white buggy for sale (not the shriner buggy, the unrestored red one). I know I'm reaching here, but it never hurts to ask!
By jim s 1837 Date 2011-02-12 22:23
If you dont find the screw on gas cap I think that I have a flip top gas cap from a old dodge charger when they had the cap on the quarter panel just needs a new gasket. Its more like the one on Kens blue moon buggy.
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-14 01:59
The Allison Daytonas came with both kinds, I dont really know what the logic was of which got what , I thought at first it may be year model related but the Teal Allison is the later body style as is the red one and the Shriner Allison, the Teal one and Blue Moon Dune have the Dodge Charger style while the others have the round ones. Maby check and see if there are any old marine caps that style ???  I personally like the flip open Charger style the best.    Ken........
By Tony S 2337 Date 2011-02-14 02:11
Thanks Guys! I know ours had the screw on type with the ridges around the outside of the filler cap (my job to pump the gas when I was a kid, Dad owned a VW repair shop/gas station). Any chance you could take a couple of close up pics of the screw on one you have Ken? Unless you are willing to part with it that is... I'd be happy to cover the cost of the flip up style for ya and then some ; ) If you could email them to me, I'd appreciate it a bunch! I've tried to find one like it in the marine catalogs, but no luck so far... Thanks again!
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-14 13:21
The Shriner Allison has the same gas cap just has a chrome eagle installed on it, here is the best picture I have of the cap but I can take more if you need me to, If you dont have any luck finding one I guess I could make you a trade with the one on the red and white Allison. I have the hood allready unbolted and have to have a tank fabricated for it anyway, of course it would be nice to have incase anything ever happened to the one on my Shriner car, I understand how it is to want things like you want them !!                      Ken...................

By Tony S 2337 Date 2011-02-15 03:37
Yup, thats the one (minus the eagle of course) I'm a couple of months away from needing it, so I'll keep looking for now, but I'll take you up on it if I don't find anything. Just trying to get it back as close to original as possible. Thanks Ken!
On a side note, I made a great find this weekend at Dad's house. I found the original paperwork from when he bought the buggy! He bought it from a Ford dealer (!?!) with a little over a thousand miles on the clock. The date was 10/3/75, and the purchase price was a whopping $1300.00!  Hard to believe in just a few years, this little car will have been in our family for forty years! I can't believe I found this paperwork, in the middle of restoring the car... must be fate. It's time to get her back on the road!
By jim s 1837 Date 2011-02-15 07:02
Ken, As I said in another post I think that in my garage I have a charger gas cap that needs a new gasket. Give me your address if it still in the garage Ill send it to you. Maybe you can use it.

By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-15 13:53
Thanks Jim, that would be great !!! I will send you the address in a pm, Thats great Tony, the only one I have old original buying order for is the Shriner Allison, it came with the purchase order from Allison, and a list of the 3 previouse owners, Good Luck on getting your buggy finished it want be long now.          Ken.................
By Tony S 2337 Date 2011-02-17 02:43 Edited 2011-02-17 02:45
Thanks Jim! You can shoot me a PM with the cost of the shipping too Ken, and let me know what you want for the cap and I'll cover it.
Ken, I was wondering who is doing your new tank for you. I'm going to need a new one too, and I wonder if your guy would want to do 2 of them. Mine had the beaten down corners just like you said yours did, plus it was rusted completely through on the bottom. Just a thought...
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-17 19:21
Hi Tony, good thing I check the unread post every now and then, I just saw your reply, I have a lock smith buddy who says he has a friend, blah, blah, blah, LOL, so I really dont know for sure yetwho I will get to do a tank, just charged my camera so I am going to sit the hood off the Allison body I just bought and get some pictures of that tank to post on here, probably do it as a new topic incase anyone wants to look at the tank, when I read Carols ( Ken Allisons daughter ) posting on AOL with the description of what was included with the Allison It said " screw on gas cap " so I guess the Dodge Charger caps were added from others who put Allisons together themselves ??? Either way I like the old Charger lids and it doesnt matter to me, the red Allison has not been spoken for yet, so unless someone comes along to buy it I dont have a problem with a trade, I understand you wanting it like you remember years ago, I would have loved to have kept one of the two Allison trucks I got my hands on but I am just to big for the 2 seaters !!!                      Ken.......................
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-18 02:31 Edited 2011-02-18 02:35
I took some pictures of the original fuel filler cap and neck for you Tony, It has pits in the chrome and would need to be rechromed to be really nice, just letting you know. I allways try to be as honest as I can be !!!          Ken..............

By Tony S 2337 Date 2011-02-18 03:50
My old one was a little pitted too, before all my stock parts got thrown out (long ago body shop story, don't get me started...) No problem having it re-chromed. Just shoot me a PM and let me know how much I owe you, and I'll send you my address. Since every chrome shop takes like 6 years to turn anything around, I guess sooner is better. I've already got a small pile of stuff to send out, so I'll just add it to the pile : ). Now all I need to find is a complete set of original tail lights, and I'll have all the original correct exterior stuff covered. Thanks again Ken.
By jim s 1837 Date 2011-02-18 09:29
Ken, I found the gas cap in the garage I will get it in the mail today

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By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-18 14:02
Thanks Jim your a good man and that means a lot in this world today !!! Tony it doesnt have to be private let me get the one from Jim and make sure the neck will work or that I can fabricate a neck and gasket and I will do the same as Jim and just send it to you for no charge then you can just thank Jim for his kindness, like I said before I have the 2 Allisons I am keeping for myself and dont have a problem with you getting the original gas cap from the red and white Allison that needs to be finished up, just shoot me a picture when you get your buggy together, I allready saved the pictures you sent to my email of your Allison truck and would like to have a picture of it when you are finished, Good man Jim !!!       Ken..
By jim s 1837 Date 2011-02-18 19:13
Ken, your more then welcome your cap went out today and the post office clerk said you should have it next tues. They gave me a delivery confirmation number. I dont know what thats all about but heres the number 0309 3220 0000 1711 0885 do me a favor and let me know if its going to work for you.
Good Luck with it
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-18 19:33
Thanks Jim will do.                      Ken........................
By Tony S 2337 Date 2011-02-20 02:05
You guys are the best! I'll be sure to remember this, and pay it forward. I'm sure there will be some parts left when I'm done that will help someone else with their build.
Ken, once the car is finished, and I finally show it to my father, I'll post a complete build picture set. It's killing me right now not telling him, and I hope I manage to keep my mouth shut till it's done, but it will all be worth it to see the look on his face when I roll up his driveway with it this summer! The last time it was legally on the road was '82, and it hasn't run since '86, so I'm sure he will be surprised.
Thank you Jim! I can't say it enough! Like Ken said earlier, when you have a vision in your mind, and you want things a certain way, it means so much to see it work out right. I haven't seen that gas cap since 1988, but I can still remember how it feels in my hand!
Apparently, there are still good people left in this world, and it looks like I've found a couple!
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-20 03:37
" I havent seen that cap since 1988 " Tony that was the year my first daughter was born so I know how long that has been, dont worry I want keep you in suspence, LOL, Im sure I will be able to make the one fron Jim work one way or the other, Just shoot me your address in a PM and I will get it in the mail mon. or tues. so you can get it to the chromer.        Ken...............
By jim s 1837 Date 2011-02-25 01:11
Ken, Did you ever get that gas cap?
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-25 03:09
Hi Jim my mom drove it down to the shop for me today when she stopped and got the mail, the body I just bought came with the same kind as yours, must have been different from the original because the tank in that buggy worked great with the original Allison screw on gas filler cap but to use the other kind it will take putting a whole new fuel filler neck on the tank, its a bummer but it is what it is, I have been going crazy at the shop trying to get everyting done to take friday off to go to Va. I have the one for Tony boxed and ready to go to the post office and havent even had time to go, I will get it out to you by monday Tony, Thanks again Jim that was great of you to do that !!!!!                         Ken....................
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-02-28 16:16
Tony I mailed the original Allison Daytona gas neck and cap today, just got back from the post office, looked like wal mart 18 people in line and 1 register open, LOL, HERE IS THE TRACKING # 0310 2010 0001 4991 5567          Ken................
By Tony S 2337 Date 2011-02-28 23:54
Ken and Jim, you guys rock! I just got my tail lights from Artie in NC (thanks again Ken). They need some serious attention, but I'm sure I can bring them back to life. I've been helping my Dad get ready to move into a new house, so my attention has been pulled away from the buggy for a little bit, but I've made some good finds. I found a bunch of pics of the car from about 1982-83. I'll email some to you Ken as soon as I get them scanned in, Got the car from all 4 sides. This should help a bunch when the body goes to paint. I want to duplicate the original look as closely as possible.
I'll let you know when I get the gas cap Ken, and again, I can't thank you guys enough. I pretty much thought I was going to have to compromise the look of the car, but thanks to you guys, and this great site, she is going to look exactly like I remember her!
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2011-03-03 12:41
I got the PM Tony glad the gas filler and gas cap made it to you safe, enjoy !!!                        Ken.........
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