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By Joe M 1979 Date 2010-11-23 01:56
i just bought me some drop spindals and want to install them though i know i have to remove the old king pind and hone it out then install the new ones sounds easy though how do i do this so that it is safe and does not just fall apart i do have acsess to all kinds of tools i work at a dealership on cars just never worked with king pins before
By Brad H 1498 Date 2010-11-23 13:12
After you get the spindle and carrier off you have to remove the link pin bushings. Keep track of how many link pin shims there are on each side of the bushing. These bushings will tap out fairly easy.

Then you'll have to press the king pin out from either end. 3/8 extensions work great for this, use the square end to push on the pin.

On one side of the spindle is the thrust washer and metal cap, transfer those to the new spindle, lining them up on the pin that is on the top side. If you aren't putting in new king pin bushings you can just line everything up and press it pack together.

If you are putting in new bushings, you'll have to press the new ones in, file a slot in the top one to fit the thrust washer into and ream them out till the pin moves freely. If you don't have a reamer....good luck, you can use a flapper wheel on a die grinder just make sure you stay straight up and down when you are honing it out.

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