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By Jake S Date 2010-06-28 02:29
why is it a simple car like a dune buggy is so much fun to build/restore? im restoring my first one and yet i am already planning the next one. lol i love buggies...
ps sort of random
By Brad H 1498 Date 2010-06-28 04:45
I love building them because no 2 are ever alike, and it really allows me to do different things and build pieces that no one else will ever have unless they copy me.

By Hank M 950 Date 2010-06-28 06:04
I'm on my second tall single malt, so bear with me.

In most cases no matter what you do to your buggy, as long as it is deemed safe, is accepted and encouraged by this strange buggy community. I consider myself, as many do, an individual. However, an individual or not, we all seek approval and just by accomplishing a part of a project or getting a buggy road worthy gets us that approval, at least in the buggy community. Could you imagine showing up at a cruise night in a candy apple root beer Duece with a stock greasy straight 6 freshly pulled out of a 1973 Omega because you wanted to get it on the road while your 350 is getting worked?
Pull up in a buggy with a smoking stock 1200 weather your keeping it in or not, you get an "AllRIGHT, she's on the road".
I think buggies are in a similar class of ride as the Rat Rod where true individualism is celebrated and expected.
I Like that! I'm Building my first buggyand while doing this I have learned to weld, fiberglass and beg. I can't wait till this one is complet enough so I can start another.

Time for bed 
By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2010-06-28 13:24
I have built both kits (Bradleys, Kelmarks, Speedsters, Manta, Sterling) and 3 buggies and I absolutely love buyilding buggies. In fact, once my Avenger and Aztec 7 are done I will be doing 100% buggies. Why? They are so simple yet you can make them your own so easily. Your budget can go from mild to wild and anything in between. And you can do them real quick. I have a short attention span so accomplishing a build in a timely manner is important to me.
By Brad H 1498 Date 2010-06-28 14:12
Another thing I like, well appreciate is the attention the car gets. Last weekend it stopped raining long enough to go for a cruise and amungst all the new Mustangs ,Chargers and Camaros, and countless other "hot rods" everyone stops to look at the buggies going by. They are so unique and the fact that they aren't a cookie cutter car is probably the best reason I love them. They are a total blast to drive (even slow) and for the 17 years I've owned mine has given me more smiles to the mile than anything else. I've built about 20 cars from the ground up  both professionally and at home and the buggys have been my favorite projects even more than the Speedster replicas we did at the resto shop I worked at.

Not sounding my own horn here, but I still can't believe the car I built and still smile when I pull the cover off it to go for a rip. Rat-rods, buggies and bikes are some of the last vestiges of artistic expression in the automotive world. I think the decal on the back of the Red Baron dragster sums it up in one simple phrase "It's not what I bought, It's what I built"

As a side note most of you are probably unaware of how much rain we've had in Western Canada this year, already at 98% of our annual rainfall. If you want to see what a bad summer it's been for buggying so far go to u-tube and search Maple Creek flood and see our flat lands version of Niagra falls. This is an area that has been almost a dessert for the last 15 years or so. I hope it has been drier in Utah!!!!!

Happy Motoring

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