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By D.J.K-II Date 2010-05-06 15:26 Edited 2010-06-01 00:01
Few words... Plenty of pics... Estimated completion is June of 2010 (one month late, and a few dollars short)...

... As of Monday, 31MAY10, we've built up the picture-spread to 20 pages.

Look Ma, I can see!...

... Finally added the headlights, taillights and half-way sorted out the steering column (just ordered a split-bearing - so the steering column won't wobble).

Here is the link;
By glassbuggy Date 2010-05-06 16:29
That's fantastic !
I don't think there are but a few of these with the hardtop, I really didn't think I would ever see one actually ! I'm excited to see the finished car
By Empi Sportster Enthusiest Date 2010-05-08 02:54
That is too cool!  I've never seen/heard of one before.  Loving the doors.  I wonder; is it steel, 'glass or a combination?  The dash looks like it's an exact VW replacement, speaker hole and all.  Thanks for the pix & keep them coming!

By D.J.K-II Date 2010-05-08 05:49
Everything on it is fiberglass, save for the contact plates (where the hinges and strikers meet). Even the side window frames (silver-colored) are fiberglass. The dash originally was manufactured without any holes (as far as I know), and the owners added their own items.

Personally, I'm only planning on only having the center-mounted speedometer - and filling in the rest of the holes. Any other gauges and idiot lights will be installed under the dash (and maybe, in a small center console).

Last week (@ Bug-In 35) I picked up a new exhaust system (Bazooka) and some pieces I was missing. Tomorrow (Saturday) we're picking up a set of dual Kadrons (for way cheap, and all ready to install) and making our way over to SoCal Imports - to pick up a bunch more bits and pieces. I figure that next weekend will be the weekend for mating the body and the pan.

Another week of piecing the wiring together, a major tuneup, and we should be ready for the road (warts and all). I hope to make Dean Jeffries' shop one of my first stops. Thanks for your interest...

... Who knows, I might just be driving this thing back to NY in June.
By D.J.K-II Date 2010-05-20 08:22
Uploaded a few more pics tonight (this morning)...

Towed the chassis over to 'Old Speed' - in Paramount, CA... They will attend to a complete tuneup, valve adjustment, head torque, carb adjustment (basically, make sure there won't be any issues). Note; these guys have a solid reputation and have been around a long time. It's time we fired this baby up! If all goes well, the body will finally be mated with the chassis this weekend.

Here's a tip; Plan on getting that gas tank checked/ cleaned out far ahead of firing up the motor. We're a day late and a dollar short... Looks like we'll be visiting a radiator shop this a.m.

Oh, the real fun soon begins; wiring... rewiring... etc. Anybody in my neck of the woods want to join in the fun just let me know.

And the saga continues...
By D.J.K-II Date 2010-05-21 06:11
... The call came in tonight (Thursday), regarding the engine work. Ouch... A bit more than I care for - but I know it will be perfect. The guys at the shop are impressed with it (then again, they're getting paid for it). Of course, I did not anticipate having to replace the distributor (since I am mostly clueless) - vacuum advance apparently does not work well with dual carbs (which I really did suspect).

No matter, I'm still way ahead of the game. Tomorrow evening (Friday) we'll pick it up and drag it over to my brother's house... Where we will - finally - mate the body with the chassis! I think we're going to tackle the fuel tank cleaning ourselves. Along with all of that wiring...

... The fun has only just begun.
By Brad H 1498 Date 2010-05-21 14:09
Ya, the vacumn advance won't work as there is no vacumn ports on dual carbs, they weren't just selling you stuff. The car looks stellar.

By Jeffrey P 655 Date 2010-05-21 14:36
"Ya, the vacumn advance won't work as there is no vacumn ports on dual carbs"

Well kinda right. It looks like you have Kads. They can be drilled for a vacuum port and its a nice little addition for streetability and to get away from the 009.

AJSimms has a site that outlines least that he does it, but not exactly how. I am sure some diligent searching might come up with the process.

My Manx used the Kads and a 009 and after some tweaking they ran fine.
By D.J.K-II Date 2010-05-22 07:52
Picked it up tonight... Runs like a scalded cat! 'Old Speed' did a fine job. Saturday we begin marrying the chassis and the body.

I read about AJ, and the vacuum advance with dual carbs. Unfortunately, I don't have too much coin, and opted for the easier rout. I hope I do not regret it.

The clock is ticking... 23 days until the 'VW Classic' in Irvine...
By D.J.K-II Date 2010-05-24 01:26
Saturday, 22MAY10 (late!!!)... The body and chassis are finally mated!


1) It's easy (relatively speaking) to drop a body on the pan - with only four hands...

2) Apparently, fiberglass dune buggy bodies are not made by people who manufacture rifle barrels...

3) There is a lot more to do, even if a buggy looks like you could drive it down the road today...

4) This car absolutely needs big, fat tires on it...

5) Even (cool) cars being towed get a "thumbs-up"...

6) Your better-half is much more impressed if it looks like a complete car...

7) Sunday is a good day for rest (especially when you get older)...

... 20 days left to sort it out.

Enjoy the added pics...
By D.J.K-II Date 2010-06-01 00:03
Monday, 31MAY10...

... More pics added.

12 days left to finish it...
By D.J.K-II Date 2010-08-12 19:31
NOTE: More pics added to my photobucket album...

Ha! The finish date(s) have come and gone... Long ago. Finally, we're back at it. Probably about 95% complete.

The latest issue is dealing with the gelcoat finish - and trying to save it. No way I can use a machine on the body, so it's all getting done by hand.

Experimented with Compound Polish (& orbital buffer); Oxidation is too thick, and just ends up getting ground into the finish.
1000-Grit paper; Might as well use writing paper.
400-Grit paper; Wet-sanding did make a difference, but there was still plenty of grime stuck in the finish. 200-Grit paper (wet-sanding); Just about right. Finally removing decades of oxidation and grime - but leaving plenty of gelcoat on the body.

Next step; Dry-sand with 200, then dry-sand with 400, then wet-sand with 400, wet-sand with 800, then finally move onto the buffing machines.

We're close... I suppose Labor Day weekend might be too soon. Then again, this is SoCal - and one can find a show/meet pretty much every day of the week... And PCH (& sunsets) will always be there.
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