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By FarmerJohn Date 2010-03-04 02:27
Bruce is going to be at the import/kit car show again this year  May 21 - 23
Looks like we might have about 10 buggies going from L.I. NY this year
Was a great time last year & nice to meet some of the people from here in person
By Rick M 333 Date 2010-03-04 19:05
I'll be there, but buggy-less!
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-03-04 21:14
If all goes well, I'll be in Texas that point on the Route 66 Rally.

By FarmerJohn Date 2010-03-04 21:27
Nice .... Have fun !!!
By FarmerJohn Date 2010-03-04 22:38
Sounds good Mike
  The people at Carlisle Events are planning a country road cruise for the buggies to go on with Bruce , and Tom from the MANX club is planning a dinner for the  club members .
I spoke with  Ed Buczeskie from carlisle the other day about the cruise he's planning , sounds nice , he wasn't sure if the buggy owners would be opposed to some back country dusty roads
By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-03-06 13:05
I am planning more than a dinner with Bruce & Winnie for the Manx Club members.  I have been working with Ed B. from the Carlisle show to get the same area as last year between the buildings and a tent.  I hope to get all the buggies in one place again.  More to follow.  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-03-07 04:40
I am hoping to bring the monocoque up and my brother is thinking about driving the Baja racer over. I am in the process of (gulp) cutting the fuel tank top off of the monocoque. I am going to scrape all of the sealant out and get a custom aluminum fuel tnak fabricated to fit inside the old tank. By in the process, I should clarify that i have not YET started cutting it out. Considering Carlisle is pretty soon, I am leery to begin the job only to not compete it in time.
ANyone know a good aluminum fabricator that can make a custom tank to my specs and drawings?

By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-03-07 15:38 Edited 2010-03-07 21:30
MonoManx7 - here is one place  &  here is another  hope you guys can make it.  We need a group shot with the Monoque, old style Manx, SR, Toad, Siggy, Manxter, & Kick-out.  I hope a SR & Towd shows up, I think we will have the rest of them covered.  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-03-07 16:37
If I had a big trailer pand a bigger truck I could bring my Towd and monocoque. My brothers Towdster is in pieces so that would not work.

I will check the links out.  This unfortunatley has to be pretty cost efficient. Our dream to race the vintage NORRA race has been put on hold for financial reasons. The car is 90% complete but we cannot afford the logistical costs and the rest of the items required to race.

By FarmerJohn Date 2010-03-07 16:53
Hey you could always do like me & keith , rent a ryder truck  load both cars in it park it at the field & sleep in it !!
Ryder has pretty good internet deals & 500 miles included in rental free .
By BigTonkaKid Date 2010-03-09 13:47
By FarmerJohn Date 2010-03-10 00:26
gotta love that picture !!!
By Buggy Bum 2 Date 2010-03-12 22:15 Edited 2010-03-12 23:30
By FarmerJohn Date 2010-03-13 02:26
You guys just have too much fun !!
See ya at carlisle ..
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-03-13 02:40 Edited 2010-03-13 02:42
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             Ken..............   

PS: whay put a tank in a tank just have a good fabricator and welder construct a tank from scratch if he has the old tank for measurements it will be a piece of cake, stainless or alluminum, hardest thing will be getting the gas neck in the right place.

Oh Yea I love the uhaul idea. Dont have to much fun guys LOL
By FarmerJohn Date 2010-03-13 22:21
Thanks for clearing that up Ken .
I guess I was getting brainwashed by my wife as she often tells me that I'm HAVING TOO MUCH FUN .
She tells me that I've got this other spring/summer sickness she calls it " BUGGY ON THE BRAIN "
Is there really such a disease or should I ignore that too , and continue to follow my usual spring/summer routine ?
By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-03-14 00:58
I say do what you do best FarmerJohn, most of all have fun with it and keep it fun, I dont know if dune buggys cause a sickness but I do know they can be addicting LOL.       Ken.........
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-03-17 01:45
The monocoque is much different than typical buggies as the fuel tank is part of the body. As well, there is no pan hence it being a monocoque body. The fuel tank was molded as a sump in the back area over the transmission and there is a lid that was then puckied in place over the sump. I sealed the tank when i restored the car back in 1998 with a military fuel cell sealant that was impervious to everything...except alcohol. So, the last tank of gas was the last tank of gas. It ate through the sealant and then began eating away at the gelcoat interior of the tank. It soaked clear through and began leaking on the outside of the tank.

You cannot simply cut the tank out. I have to cut through the pucky (which according to bruce) was an asbestos fiber and polyester resin slurry. Once through that, I have to then slice from the inside of the tank around the upper rim. If all goes well,I can retain the original top lid. If not, I will have to make a mold of the top and mold a new fiberglass top to seal the "new" aluminum fuel tank inside the cavity.
On Quattro, Bruces #4 car, he cut the bottom of the tank out nad mounted an aluminum tank up in there. I wish to keep the integrity of the car without destroying the overall outward appearance of the car.

So, it is a bit of a job. Once I get in there, I can measure the inside and get a fuel cell made to fit. That will be a challenge as it is amorphous in shape.

I will send some pictures of the car when I get a chance to better explain the situation.

By Allison Daytona Ken Date 2010-03-17 12:41
fuel cell bladder inside the fiberglass  inclosure ?????
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-03-18 01:09
It would have to fit through a 3 inch diameter hole and then seal against the upper aluminum casting.

It also depends on the cost of a fuel cell versus just doing it "right". Thanks for the idea. I will have to look in to it.

By Phil T 570 Date 2010-03-22 12:49
Has anyone made hotel reservations yet? Which hotel/motel? Or will you be camping? I would llike to make reservations before the hotels get full.
By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-03-22 20:45
I'm staying at the Super 8 south.  Be there Thursday night for early Friday morning set-up.  Kathleen will not be attending this year.  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By Phil T 570 Date 2010-03-22 20:56
Have you stayed there before or know anything about it? I ask because after looking at the posts from last year, it was recommended to stay away from.
By Rick M 333 Date 2010-03-22 23:15
:-) Yea... the Super 8 is a little rough, at least when I stayed four years ago at it. The last couple years I've parked at the Marriott right at the turnpike interchange.
By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-03-23 14:32
Thanks for the warning, but it is booked and they have a no cancellation policy.  Now I know why.  Well, it is just me, so it doesn't have to be fancy.  Maybe I will pack a sleeping bag so I can camp if necessary.  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By GreenManx Date 2010-03-24 03:19
Hey Guys I will be there again with my manx and caravan with John keith tom and god know who else.
Camping is what i will be doing. Trying to get the buggy out to do some work on it this week if the weather gets better..
Meyer's Manx
By DUNERODDER Date 2010-04-15 17:17
Hey John, Ill  be there , I plan on camping already reserved my spaces . My wife will be staying at the super 8 north with my daughter . She loves the show , just not sleeping in a car trailer. I talked to Ed b. at carlisle he said we will have  electric at our tent set up. i will be bringing a dvd set up to play the manx club dvds for the day. If anyone else has any buggy runs or related , bring them along. also he said he was thinking about having Bruce at the tent instead of the pavilion this year . anyone  camping can give me a call if they like  (610)888-2293   camping spaces are only 15.00 for 10x 30  and there is a bath house   B.Y.O.B.  (BUGGY?)
By DUNERODDER Date 2010-04-15 17:29
I forgot to mention i will bring a fire pit. GOT WOOD ? lol
By FarmerJohn Date 2010-04-18 14:44 Edited 2010-04-18 14:55
To those going to Carlisle Pre register before 4/19 and save $10 and get your window sticker by mail to avoid waiting in line to get in ..
Rod , Keith is working on a very "special fire pit" & yes we'll bring wood this year !!
I'll bring the old original seats too.
Oh yeah my buggy is gonna look & sound a little different this year .
By DUNERODDER Date 2010-04-19 17:11
Sounds great  John, Ill see what i can do to tape off  some camp spaces together . looking forward to a great time !
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-04-19 17:24
Are you guys entering JUDGED OR NOT JUDGED?

By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-04-19 17:41
MonoManx7 - is the Monoque fixed?  I have a lead on a SR for the photo and I am still hoping your car and a Towd can get there.  One month to the show!  We entered non judged last year.  Even when you enter that way, they go around on Friday and pick cars for special awards.  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-04-19 17:53

The tank is not repaired. My local motorcycle frame builder was unable to get to it in time to complete a tear out, new glass and repaint.

The number 3 monocoque owner installed an aluminum tank. Prior to that, he had a mold made of the top of his fuel tank. Once the mold was done, he cut the top out of the fuel tank, installed the aluminum fuel cell then glassed the replacement top back in place.

The tank has been drained completely for about 3 months. I am planning on towing the car there (10 hour drive) and then filling the tank at the show. That way it may not start leaking until a few days later. If it leaks I will be bringing a small boat tank to draw from.

Are you guys camping? I was trying to figure out where you sign up for the camping on the website.

By glassbuggy Date 2010-04-19 17:59
I am going to try and bring the Utility again, I need to do some work to it, plus my van (to pull it with) is about to throw a rod ! But I registed with Carlisle anyway and hope to be there Sunday. Last year I saw the Porshe gang doing a crane shot of their cars - maybe they can set your shoot up the same way with Bruce in there somewhere?
Bart : DBArchives founder/historian
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-04-19 18:01
Re the Towd, I do not have a vehicle big enough to tow a two car trailer and I do not necessarily want to take 2 tow vehicles. It would be cool to have it there though.

By FarmerJohn Date 2010-04-19 23:22 Edited 2010-04-20 01:08
Pay more to be judged ?  Heck I hope I have it back together by then !
Yes a group of us will be camping
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-04-19 23:32
Correct..I was not sure if the group was putting their cars in the Judged or NON judged area. I just wanted to make sure I would be parked with other DBA members.

I tried calling Carlisle a number of times and received no answer so maybe someone can clarify this for me> The order form had an area regarding needing trailer space. I did not know if my Dodge Caravan would be considered as a trailer. SO ultimately my question is will there be ample space for us to park a tow vehicle?

By Brad H 1498 Date 2010-04-20 00:18
Never been to Carlisle, but from racing, all I know is, if they ask you if you need space take it. Unless you like walking long distances from spectator parking. LOL

By FarmerJohn Date 2010-04-20 01:15
Not sure if you really gotta pay for trailer parking
I don't remember if I did 2 years ago when I trailered it there
It is a big place & this isn't as popular a show as others so there is plenty of room
for parking trailers amd tow vehicles
By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-04-20 01:31
The picture of Bruce Meyers with all of his creations that we can get togther at this show was my idea.  The picture will be taken by the Carlisle Events people, so they can figure out how to do it.  I will try to sneak pictures with my camera, so everone can have a copy.

We paid extra last year to park the trailer.  It got it own parking sticker to get into the show area.

One month to go.  We have the tent.  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By Rick M 333 Date 2010-04-20 01:42
OK, in regards to registering vehicles to gain entrance to the grounds, you will need:

If you have a vehicle for the showgrounds (your dunebuggy), that will need to be registered - 1 sticker
If you have a tow vehicle that will be used for going to and from the grounds to your hotel, that will need to be registered - 1 sticker
If you have a trailer, whether a car hauler or a camper tow-behind, that will need to be registered - 1 sticker
If you have a motorhome with a trailer, they will both need to be registered.

It's pretty basic.. anything with wheels that comes into the grounds needs to be registered in one form or another. Trailer and tow vehicle parking are at the top of the hill overlooking the show field. Lots of parking there. Camping spaces for RV's and tents are below that parking lot. Showers and facilities are on both sides of the showgrounds for those that are camping and are included with the registration fee. I haven't registered yet as I don't know if I will even have a vehicle to take, but in the past my tow vehicle, trailer and show car have all been around $30 total for the weekend. It's the cheapest show on the east coast!

By John S 2 Date 2010-04-20 14:48 Edited 2010-04-20 14:51
Chris they park the cars all together The judged cars get a different tag I think for the special judging.
But everyone should park ON the show grounds no matter what the vehicle is like so they can be at the same area
around the tent. Even rough buggies should park in the show field. It would be awesome to have a hundred buggies there!

Still don't know if we will be able to make it.
Work is non stop but the pay isn't really flowing yet.
Hope to see you guys!
John Shepard the DBA
By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-04-21 22:06 Edited 2010-04-22 13:32
I just got off the phone.  I now have a SR promised to be at this show.  Still looking for the Towd.  Tom

Update 4/22/10 - We now have a Siggy manx lined up also.  Tom
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By BigTonkaKid Date 2010-04-25 16:43
He's thinking "How am I going to get this to fit before Carlisle?"

By Tom & Kathleen I 639 Date 2010-04-25 19:34
I thought everybody had a "Manx Dune Buggy with a Porsche engine", so there should be plenty of knowledge to make this work.  Just kidding, that looks like a nice set-up.  Hope he makes it.  Tom 
Tom & Kathleen Manxter #16, Kick-Out SS #16 & FiberFab Buggy
Manx Club #1030, CVA, RBC, SCCA
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-04-25 23:07
Tom, I'm regretting not starting the ManxVair build. It would have been nice to have had it finished for the photo op. I guess that gives me something to shoot for in the future. Not that anyone would be able to tell the difference in the body, but the front coil springs would have definitely shown it's not the common Manx.

When its done, maybe I could line up next to the Manxes with other engines. :-)

John, looks like you got your work cut out for you there. Hope you make the show!

By FarmerJohn Date 2010-04-26 00:50 Edited 2010-04-26 01:50
Actually I was thinking "why did I take a good running nice looking engine out anyway ! "
It's been a fight , but I think I'm gonna make it
Thanks to Keith & Tom stopping by & putting a little twist to my ideas
Fabrication problems are all worked out , I think
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-04-27 02:42
That's good to hear. Glad you've got people to stop by and lend a hand. That always helps.

By GreenManx Date 2010-04-28 01:24
John let me know if you need a hand.
Meyer's Manx
By MonoManx7 (manxologist) Date 2010-05-09 03:03
Farmer John.

I saw that beautiful 356 engine and I thought...a 3000.00 engine on a floorjack with wood under it....You are a brave man!!!

ANd I thought I was nuts jacking a 1.8 bus engine in place with a floorjack!

I cannot wait to see this at the show! I love the old porsche engines.

By the way, I am running a 356 12V generator on my 40H engine but am using the old 6Volt pulley. Can I use the 356 pulley with the standard bug pulley or is the offset different? The Gen is not outputting enough to charge the battery unless I am at higher I think the answer is a smaller diameter pulley.

ANyone happen to have a 356 pulley floating around that I can put on the engine before Carlisle?

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