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By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2006-10-27 00:01
I've added a couple nice ad scans from Scott S to the DBA Sand Shark Gallery.  Thanks again, Scott!

Chicago, IL
EMPI Imp 1002 ('69)/Subaru EJ20 Turbo/LinkPlus ECU
By Eric G 2094 Date 2010-03-19 12:48
not much discussion of these on here, not real popular?
By Manx1173 Date 2010-03-19 21:28 Edited 2010-03-20 02:53
I think they have a pretty good following (at least in the Midwest).  There have been some pretty good threads on Sandsharks on thesamba.  In addition, I thought I would share an ad I found about the square tube corvair frame option.

Attachment: SandShark68a.jpg (697.5k)
By Eric G 2094 Date 2010-03-19 22:00 Edited 2010-03-19 22:02
awesome add!

what got me lookin online to find the model is my buddy kept telling me the rear of the body
was sagging because his is flat behind the back seat area, i was pretty sure it was made with the droopy backend and now i found it,

planning on pulling the body off later this year or next winter for paint. this one i traded a 90 yamaha warrior quad for. all i had to do before the clutch and solid trans mount job i just got done with is change the gas and start driving it. most of last summer without a problem!

By Manx1173 Date 2010-03-20 02:52
Nice Sandshark!  I like the side covers, do you know if they are original?  I only have a body, hood, and rough plastic dash.  Do you have any pics of the dash support or any other items you think might be Sandshark specific.
By Eric G 2094 Date 2010-03-20 13:43
i dont think i have any interior pics but ill get some,shes an ongoing project. this one came from port huron michigan, the guy i got it from said it was his dads and he drove it all over when he was a kid, he had recently hauled it from his parents estate in saint helen michigan where it sat in his dads barn for 20 years. the side pods are at least from the 70s and its on a 71 chassis so maybe there original?

lotsa trail riding and mud bogging, these things are rediculas in the mud LOL, ill put it against any 4x4 truck
w/35 inch tires on my little skinny tires

By Manx1173 Date 2010-03-31 03:06
Yours looks like it came with the flip up tail (mine is solid and number 744 in yellow gel coat).  If you have any brackets (dash, front, rear, etc...), I'd love to see some pictures.  I'll get some pics posted of mine soon.
By Eric G 2094 Date 2010-03-31 11:49
i cant find a serial tag where is yours located?, i seen another at the michigan buggy builders show this weekend with side pods and it still had the flip up tail, mines missing.
By Manx1173 Date 2010-03-31 14:10
The numbers are just above the SS on the tag on the front wall.  I have attached a photo I pulled off thesamba of what the tag looks like and the number.

Attachment: DSC02126.jpg (278.4k)
By BUZZ Date 2010-04-05 22:43 Edited 2010-04-05 22:54
mines still original except it has been repainted badly before i got it,never seen a tag like that on mine,will have to have a good look for it...???? the flip up lid is all good on mine and still has the original seat covers on the original deluxe plastic bucket seats,all clocks in dash are original as is the steering wheel and rear bench seat and it still has the original lap belts fitted to it front and rear,i think its missing the windscreen trim that was once on it..??? if i ever get time i'd like to restore it and fit new suspension and all new electrics through it as it's still running a dynamo and some new wheels and chrome bling through out...

your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off..!!!
By Eric G 2094 Date 2010-04-06 12:33
im working on making a bench seat for the rear of mine, gonna cut the base out of plywood and use indoor outdoor carpet padding and some all weather vynal i found for boats.
By BUZZ Date 2010-04-06 18:26
use marine ply,its better quality and also water proof....
your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off..!!!
By BUZZ Date 2010-05-22 18:28 Edited 2010-05-22 18:33
Little update while looking for the chassis number i found a wisconsin identification number on mine 2205 WIS and i belive my body number is SS 1210 but i have not found this other number but it is on my registration document,also found out from chassis number that mine is infact a 1964 chassis and it was converted to a buggy in 1968..?????  hope this makes a bit of sense to some one..????

where exactly is the ss plate too on the body..??????

your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off..!!!
By Manx1173 Date 2010-05-24 17:00
Look on the front wall (all the way up near the lip).  You will have to crawl up under the dash to see it.  Based on my research, not all bodies had plates (or there were clones ???).  Do you have a title that matches the VIN number?  If you get a chance I would love to see some pictures of any brackets you have for the buggy (dash, etc...).
By Andrew R 2181 Date 2013-07-11 02:29
Here are a few pics of my Sand Shark buggy with a Corvair engine and trans.

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