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By Simon T 315 Date 2006-11-21 14:52 Edited 2007-01-11 14:17
Hey all.... My name is Simon Thompson and I have been messing with Dubs for most of my life, I have a family and all the usual stuff that goes with it.... The first Subi conversion my brother and i did almost 10 years ago was an EJ20T conversion into my brothers 69 Notchback.... This car was one of the first conversions ever as far as i can tell, and came to be because I had an idea, we where bored, had some time and my brother has the skills to make anything work!...... But in the context of this forum, I am also the owner of 2 Subi powered Dubs (and 2 aircooled dubs)... I have an EG33 powered 2WD 85 Vanagon and EJ25 powered 64 Notch.... The bus has SVX front disc brakes and Ford Falcon (Oz Product) rear disc brakes. It is currently sitting tall, SYNCRO style on 16" MERC steellies, but Im thinking I'll be dumping it down low real soon. The Notch is slammed, runs 17" rims, Supra front rotors with RX7 4 piston Calipers and a narrowed LP Bug beam, IRS conversion with Mitsubishi MAGNA (Oz Product) rear disc brakes, SSP TI transaxle and a 2002 EJ25. I also have a 1960 Ragtop bug with a full house 2276 Aircooled stroker that runs for EFI, T3/4 Turbo and Water-Air intercooler.... Custom made 4WDisc brakes (205PCD) RADAR rims, 100mm narrowed LP beam, HiPo TI transaxle, OG paint and interior..... This car is not yet complete....And finally I have my daily hack which is a late model TIII Squareback that is as stock as they come save for the 17" rims and big brake conversion.... I like BIG brakes....
By charliew Date 2006-11-22 04:21
hi simon, i've got lots of type 3 parts. several bodies, extra square quarter panels, a complete squareback with two carbs, standard maybe a 65, a auto-fi and a fastback. they aren't running, there not mine, i'm supposed to sell them. a friend moved and i drug them to my house to add to my already too many projects.i only brought the complete cars home along with a couple of type4 motors and a bunch of auto trans and other misc. motors including some 36hp motors. i would like to maybe pick your brain on the subie stuff especially the trans experiences. i don't know what a eg33 is but my son might, he's the subaru guy. he hot rods a wrx sti. i help with the place to work and do the fabbing and extra cussing. my first bug which i still have was a 58 that i wrecked and put a 64 front clip on in 1968 i think. in 1970 i put a 1500 with a hydraulic isky cam and kit in it. all i had was a 2bbl. rochester carb so i rejetted it. it was still a little rich but really ran good. it would run about 95 with the air conditioner on. oh yeah i made it into a pickup when i put the 64 front clip on.  haven't started it since about 88. i also did the interior myself with my moms sewing machine, sewed all the seams twice. built my own high back seats before vw had them mainly because the cab is so close to the back of your head. i painted it cadilack firemist blue lacquer with lace painted high lights.
i'll try to visit later and maybe get your input on the subie stuff.
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