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By Jeff C 1886 Date 2010-01-27 03:17 Edited 2010-01-27 04:21
I'm new at this buggy thing, I saw this and had to have it. It runs and drives, but needs to
gone through. I see similarities to a Tow'd , But there are quite a few differences as well.
There is no bump at the back of the hood, and the tunnel runs threw the tub. Not like the Tow'ds I've seen elsewhere.
Thanks for the help in advance.
Is this site the best or what?

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By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2010-01-27 10:26
Hi Jeff,
Can you determine if the raised portion for the speedometer was cut off and glassed flat or weather it was manufactured flat in the mold? Look for the glass to be of the same type on the back side, same thickness, and not look like it is "blended" anywhere in that area.

You may well have an unknown cousin. I clearly see the speedo bump on the Towd, Sand Hopper, and Leap Frog.

Now.... the Sand Flee doesn't have the hood bump, however the sand flee also has what appears to be a floorpan... at least there are sides to the flee, making it look like it is mounted to a pan.

You may want to start a thread in the MODEL DISCUSSION forum so we can all try and hash out the differences in yours/the other models. I'm interested in what other areas are similar but different.

By glassbuggy Date 2010-01-28 06:40 Edited 2010-01-28 06:44
Jeff, Jay
I notice that this has it's own chasis - that is a big clue. That eliminates the Tow'd. How old do you think this body is ? A quick other Tow'd related question -  is the body Fiberglass or plastic.
I'm not up on my Tow'd clones. but I'm pretty sure Fiber Jet had a Manx type of Tow'd Chassis for their body also, this may cross the Sand Hopper off as well.
Bart Shoemaker : dunebuggyarchives
By Jeff C 1886 Date 2010-01-28 12:52
Hey Jay and Bart, The hood does not look to have any changes on the back side.
I've seen allot of Tow'd pictures and there seems to a few different hoods. Most of the hoods
have the (bump) for the speedo. My body is made from fiberglass. The title says it was assembled in 1971.I believe all the Tow'd like kits had some sort of there own frame. By looking at my frame, I think the lower bars on the side were added. The weld quality is quite different. On that note, the roll bar looks like a production piece.
I'm hoping I find some sort of identification when I blow this thing apart. I have heard there may be a business card on the back side of the body, located close to the pedal assembly.

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