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By Martin O 1519 Date 2009-12-06 18:41
Hi Not sure if any one can help - but I have nearly finished a Thomas Crown Replica (90% complete) and I am having trouble getting a small detail. Along the top of the screen on the original car was a u shaped chrome strip. But the screen was only 3 mm thick. This was Ok for the film but it is difficult to get such a wide unsupported screen to stay flat I have used 5 mm thick screen.
Does any one know where I can get either - A chrome U shaped strip that will fit over a 5 mm thick screen or a right angled chrome strip that will fit on the front face and top face. Size approx 10 or 12 mm x 5 mm

By Brad H 1498 Date 2009-12-06 20:50
Martin, LOOKING GOOD. For chrome strip try asking at an autobody supply shop. They might either have it or know who does. For a wiring diagram I've always used the factory wiring diagram for a 1966 Beetle as a reference, should be able to google it from somewhere.

By Martin O 1519 Date 2009-12-07 17:05
Hi Brad
Thank for details - but have been to loads of shops in the UK and nothing is the right size. I am hoping that I can find something in the US. There must be some auto part or kitchen / bathroom piece to suit - I think I will in the end have to use a piece of right angle chrome strip - if I can find any. The problem is that I am trying to get it as close to the real thing as posible - so I have to cover the top edge with something.
Last resort I will have to get some plastic angle chromed !!!.

Thanks for tip on the wiring diagram

By Sandsurfer Date 2009-12-08 02:10
By Martin O 1519 Date 2009-12-09 00:18
Hi Sand surfer

Thanks for info - They do the right size. Have contacted them and hoping I can get some sent over.
Thanks again

By Sandsurfer Date 2009-12-09 01:12
Glad I could help...
By filippo g 1437 Date 2009-12-09 11:27
very very very well done replica. great work!!!

a couple of details are in my opinion to change but result is unbelivable. good!!!!

for example, mufflers: the only thing i would change is that 3 bolt flange. too evident. original was one piece!!

but i can bet u know about this detail and u decided to go for this.

so ok!!!!
By Martin O 1519 Date 2009-12-09 19:15
Hi Filippo
I dont actually know what flanges they did use as the pictures I have is not clear - but you are right the flanges are too far back and a bit big.

How do you know it was one piece ?

When I purchased the exhaust heders up to the silencer (I had the silencers made in the UK) it did not occur to me that the TC units turn back on them selves approx 4/5 inches further down the car - but thats life !! on the next TC Replica I will make sure this is corrected. May even correct it on this one  !!!

Also thanks for your comments - it is much appreciated

By filippo g 1437 Date 2009-12-10 01:53
i have some pictures, u can clearly see that muffler is one piece with manifolds. simply welded. glasspack muffler is the same round on conic pipe side and manifold side.
By filippo g 1437 Date 2009-12-10 01:55
the frame was late type, with "hand tipe" shocktower. what gas caps are u goin to mount? i think u can buy the small one for vintage mini cooper application and big for ford cobras in any mustang spare dealer.
By filippo g 1437 Date 2009-12-10 01:57
are you going to do the yellow pinstriping with yellow "conn-ferr" roboidal logo around manx logo?
By Martin O 1519 Date 2009-12-10 20:09
Hi Filippo
Do you have any pictures of the TC car - anything would be appreciated ? - and help me make the buggy more representative.

Regarding the Exhausts - The flanges allow me to add and remove the internal flanged baffels when I use the car on the Road. If I can get a new set of heder pipes which extend further forward (towards the drive shafts) and I can come up with a slipper tube arrangement that seals well and also takes internal baffels - I will change them next year.

Regarding the filler cap - I have a Cobra cap (The big one) from Aeroform in the US and I have yet to get the smallr filler, but as you say this is just a small unit and available locally.

Regarding the pin striping - yes it will be added, I even have a good picture of the original Con ferr logo - so I will get that recreated and added.

Where are you based ? and do you have a buggy?

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By filippo g 1437 Date 2009-12-10 23:12
ehh, martin, unfortunately i am based in italy.

unfortunately because would be a real pleasure to take a part, even if little in such an interesting project!!!

unfortunately i have broken scanner at this time but i written to santa claus for a new one!!!

so in short time i will send something to u.

a good report of this car was on french "super vw magazine" issue 200 (celebrative number of magazine, with 3 different chromed front page). lot of pics and complete history.

i am very fond of radical vintage in dune buggy restoring.

i love vintage tyres above all.  you can see some shots of my car on "introducing forum"

the big gas cap u have is just identical to mine. i used 8 brass screw to fix it. i love gold effect of brass in the aluminum alloy!!!
By ameridan Date 2009-12-11 00:42 Edited 2009-12-11 00:45
Hey Martin,

You may be able to find that Super VW mag on the French eBay site ( I see 2 available).  Apparently #200 is the April 2006 collector's issue.

If so, I'd like to get a copy of those pages :-)  OR let's hope filippo gets his scanner for Xmas...

By Martin O 1519 Date 2009-12-11 12:36

Where in Italy ? - I live part time in france (St Remy de provence near Marseille). I travel quite a lot to Turin and Modena. Always go via the coast road via Genova so I can have a meal on the italian coast - best coffe in the world !!!
Your buggy looks great - I am also a vintage look fan - If I was to have a normal buggy I would have one the same as the Mayers Manx advert of the 60's.

Thanks for info on Super VW mag - but the prices are high - It would be great if you could scan them to me - if the files are too big or there is a problem you could send them direct to

Hope to do the seat mounts and finish off the screen mounts this weekend.

talk to you soon

Best regards
(I am at present on the south coast of the UK - near Brighton Sussex).

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By filippo g 1437 Date 2009-12-11 19:00
hey martin!! i am from milano!!! so it is possible to meet one time!!!

i can scan the article for u as soon as i get the scanner. i was good this year, so i hope santa will do his work...

to tell the truth my family tradition is the old santa in old italian tales. but jesus child himself bringing gifts...

prices i saw yesterday are not high, but unbeliavable!!! but it is just an idiot who put them at that price and will never sell....  right price is 5-10 euro...because this issue wasnt anything special in except of  chrome face!!!

i would be very happy to meet you and talk for hours.

i often go to some wonderful vw people in reggio emilia, tht is very near modena. let me know at  about ur traveling to italy.

i will be very happy to do some kilometers to find u.

where do u live when u aren't in france or italy??

in france they are doing a lot of interesting manx an similar. with much attention to vintage details.

inastead in usa they completely lost love for makin a real old lookin cars...and dont' know why...

all cars with radials, irs, full cage, modern seat...

crazy to tell: they work on old bodies to make them long wheelbase....just a real nonsense in my opinion.

i am not afraid to tell that most of people are doing ugly dune buggies, ever in my opinion.

nice manx u posted.

damn, i am still drooling for gates commando tyres..but we have only mickey thompson relica...and they are not the same...

ty for congratulations on my car!
By Martin O 1519 Date 2009-12-20 21:43
Hi Flippo

I live part time in the UK on the south coast near Brighton and (all the time I can -  St Remy de Provence). Presently I have to be in the UK untill March - which is Ok as I would not be able to do the replica in France. Then back to France for the summer or it may be Italy, we have not decided yet.

Next time I am driving over your way I wll let you know - would be good to mmet up.

Regarding the french scene  - never got involved as most of the time I am working or building the buggy.
Whilst I was there I did  look for various specislist moulders and found that there is so little expertise in cars. Also struggeled to find a single chroming company -  Not a motoring nation like Italy and the UK. Unfortunatly everything to do with cars is so difficult to get in France, trying to register an import from the states is just too difficult to bother especially a buggy on a VW chassis. If you want something different in France they will find a way to make it difficult - its just a Bureaucratic nightmare. Whats its like in Italy ?? UK is very easy.
I have heard that a french company produces an approved  'french manx' but I have been told that it is a different shape to a real manx - not sure if thats true - if it is, that very strange !!!!. A Manx is a Manx. Like reshaping a Cobra and then selling it as a real cobra.

Anyway I like the old school buggies - original (Proper) shape with the originality comming from the parts you add to it.

Anyway Completed all the Seats frames this weekend and hope to get the moulds finished for manufacturing the headlamp covers next week.

Regarding Reggio emilia  - I visit Modena, and St Agata, Fiat in Turin and Dellara near Reggio Emilia as part of my consultancy. If I am driving from St Remy I either go back along the French coast or back up past Milano onto Turin, then home , so It would be easy to meet. I will let you know next time I am over your way.

Have a great Christmas (everyone) and hope Father Christmas brings you that scanner.
Talk to you in the New Year
By jonathan v 3923 Date 2014-02-16 19:06
hey here is a few pics of the project im starting this spring. here is a ruff up of how the mufflers look
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