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By Karen W 1757 Date 2009-08-30 06:36
Greetings to all.

Any suggestions about side mirrors for an SR2? The ones on my little car SR2 are in sad shape and worse than useless. I'd like to replace them with something that doesn't have a post.

BTW, had it pinstriped at the Lewiston car show last weekend. I thought the guy did a great job, and he did it freehand.


By Jeff GS Date 2009-08-30 11:53
Nice!  That's a great looking SR Karen!

HRP sells a number of different side mirrors - but most do have the stem.,58,363&action=category

Another option it to find a good OEM mirror from a production car to adapt, the problem would be finding a mirror that mounts to a horizontal surface as yours are now.

These buggy mirrors are nice too:

By Karen W 1757 Date 2009-08-31 01:13
Thanks, Jeff! I've had lots of fun with my little car. It's a real head-turner. Although I almost broke my neck double-taking an Isetta at the Lewiston car show. Cute as can be, but yowsers, what a funky looking car.

I'll keep looking for mirrors. I'd swear I came across ones similar to what's on the buggy but danged if I can find them again. Maybe if I just replaced these it would help. The SR gives a pretty rough ride on the highway, and the mirrors have been rattled around. We've tried tightening the screws, but even at that, the mirror in the housing just won't stay adjusted to where I can actually see something in it.

Check it out! A graphics artist in WW does vehicle montages, and I had him do one of my car. He took the pix BEFORE I had it pinstriped, so he had to do a little Photoshopping to get them on there. I have a Tweety tattoo on the left side of my chest (for my mom; I keep her close to my heart that way :-) ), and Jon thought the Tweety would be cute. And okay, it's maybe a little too cute, but I really like it. If Mom were alive, she'd love the car AND the Tweety tattoo.

Thanks again, Jeff.


By Rick M 333 Date 2009-08-31 01:36
Keep the post mirrors....otherwise you'll never see over the back corner of the car. Lot's of aftermarket stuff out there...personally I've always liked the Talbot mirrors - the "bullet" mirrors often seen on Cobra replicas. They are right at home on an SR.
By Bryan A 229 Date 2009-08-31 02:17
The dune buggy mirrors that attach to the windshield frame won't work on a SR... you wouldn't be able to open the doors, if I'm not mistaken.

I've got a pair of '80's vintage Vitaloni Baby Tornado mirrors that I plan to install of my SR - one day!

By Bill K 96 Date 2009-09-01 14:28
Karen, The SR-2 I owned had Vitaloni Sebring mirrors on it. I had the external hinges and they looked sweet!  Check out this site.
If you want to go with the Talbot Jr's and don't want to pay the  price try Tony Branda Mustang and Shelby parts. They make a nice repro for the early GT-350's. Good luck!

By Karen W 1757 Date 2009-09-13 21:07
Hey, Rick.

Sorry, been away from the archives for awhile, hence the delayed response. Good point on the post mirrors. Right now my side mirrors are just for show anyway. The passenger side mirror tips over at the first rough spot in the road, and the driver side mirror won't stay adjusted. They're cute, but worthless. Thinking about removing the one on the passenger side completely, repairing the mounting holes, and touching up the paint.

By Karen W 1757 Date 2009-09-13 21:11
Hi, Bryan.

Ohhh, I like those mirrors. They'd be a lot more useful than the ones mounted on my SR2 right now. They're mounted on the doors themselves. I've got an early Karma SR2 with inside hinges (which are another problem, sigh).

By Karen W 1757 Date 2009-09-13 21:14
Hey, Bill.

Thanks for the tip on the Talbot Jrs. I'll do some searching and see what I can come up with. The little mirrors I have right now are cute, really fit the look, but are totally useless, which means they irritate the heck outta me.

By Rick M 333 Date 2009-09-14 01:02
Any Talbot or Cobra style mirror will be almost exactly what you have currently - though maybe a little better built. My passenger side mirror is almost useless...all it sees is the rear fender hump, unless I change the angle to view people coming up on my wide outside quarter! It'll be trial and error, for sure - hit the junkyards!
By Karen W 1757 Date 2009-09-17 03:01
Yeah, it's why I'm seriously considering just doing away with the passenger mirror. It just sort of flops over at the first bump in the road (and there are many here after last winter). Doesn't matter if we adjust it and tighten the screw; over it goes. Maybe a new Cobra or Talbot will work for the driver's side, but I doubt I'd miss the other one. :-)

Need to hit the junkyards for a VW Rabbit dashboard anyway! I'll look for a good side mirror while I'm out scavenging.

By Robert P 2549 Date 2011-01-08 13:52
I'm looking for some that will fit on a 1975 Karma SR2. Robert
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