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By david p 626 Date 2007-09-30 23:27
does anybody have any info about the el lobo body ?
By Rayth O 670 Date 2008-01-13 18:57
I have a Lido/El Lobo too.   the only info Ive found on them is right here on DBA.   Anyone have any old mags or articles on them?
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By Paul Moran (DBA Architect) Date 2008-01-16 17:06
I have not seen any ads for the El Lobo.  James Hale's books have some interesting info but no ads.

The El Lobo has a "mud flap" just behind the front wheel.  I just found that out from Robert Keener last week.

Here is what the DBA has for pictures:
El Lobo Gallery
Lido - This has 2 ads under the Advertising link.
JCS Lido

Other Lido/El Lobo like buggies:
FF Buggy - as of 1/16/08, there are no pictures here. Check James Hale's books
Fiber Jet Indy Enos 500

We also have a discussion going on about a Joe Poty buggy that looks like an El Lobo:

I have not looked into the Lido at all.

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By randall w 1115 Date 2008-08-25 02:14
I think i have a lido. it sits on a 58 model swing axle pan. what is the yr? looking close there is an extra high spots on both sides of the el lobo center hood ridge, that the lido does not. my email is if you want to see pics.

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By SurviverBlues Date 2008-08-26 00:14
Can anyone tell me where the Lido was made (I couldn't make it out in the ads)?  My Dad purchased (in central IN) what we think is a Lido back in May.  He lives in central IL and so does Rayth.  I also found 4 in the club section under Cereal City Tub Club.  I wondered if this was a fluke or if they were made in the midwest.
By glassbuggy Date 2008-08-26 06:16 Edited 2008-08-26 07:25
Ok, as the Archives historian I must weigh in on the Lido/Lobo

We all know the Manx was copied and copies of copies were made modified and copied again.
A lesser known fact is that dealers came in two varieties
Dealers of Manx bodies
Dealer /manufacturers of Manx bodies.

This came into more play when dealing outside the Meyers universe. Joe Poty comes to mind. He had a Joe Poty East for sales on the Eastern side of the USA (this is designated on the serial number plate)

Another note on dealers - sometimes a manufacturer would sell bodies or license them to other companies and those companies could call them by another name. The Deserter Series 2 was a licensed Bounty Hunter and Autodynamics actually modified it during the production run - the Marauder was an unlicensed copy.

Empi sold the IMP, but they also sold unserialed and emblemless bodies through distributors - a generic Imp if you will.

In my research the Balboa Lido is the genetic orrgin of this style. Lido ads began early in 68 way before any of the similar bodies.
The problem I have identifying this body is that I cannot find an original Lido to make a base id.

I could go on and on but for now let me put some similar bodies /cousins (if you will) to rest

Joe Poty = El Caballero
looks like a Lido but has a Joe Poty tag and serial#

Fiber Jet = Enos 500
looks similar but has angular design in mouth area

Lithia = Mark 3
has a pointed lip above the mouth
Recently the molds for this body were acquired by and it was being sold as the Trophy with a Spatz type hood

Aero = Aero buggy
Looks like a Lido, but was made for drag racing with a large wing on the back.
Very few were made

Dune Buggy Supply Company = El Lobo
Why the world took the El Lobo name and applied it to this body style and not the Lido
baffles me to this day. Dune Buggy Supply didn't show up till the seventies.
I still can't find any way to tell a Lobo from a Lido and what I said previously about finding a documented Lido
also applies here, I have no confirmed Lobo's either.

J. Bertram and Johnny's speed and chrome sold copies of the Lido but I think that they would be rather insignificant on a volume level, I cant even find much on them other than they offered the body - most likely molded from an old body.

There are several variations: one with a different hood design and others with lowered sides but I haven't found the manufacturers of those.

Balboa had some dealers this is apparent from their ads. It seems as they disappeared by the end of the 60's. What became of their molds or the company? If they had dealer manufacturers then where are those molds.
Where did the El Lobo come from??
These are the q's that I have been trying to resolve for years. One of my favorite styles, the Lido may have been victim to the same piracy of the Meyers Manx
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By SurviverBlues Date 2008-08-26 23:52
Thank you for sharing the information that you have on this subject.

I am assuming that James Hale's book doesn't have any pictures of what is described in the Buggy id:
"Unique to the El Lobo is the "front mud flap" that appears on the side of the lower side of the body just behind the front wheel."

I've thought about ordering a copy of this book many times ...I guess I will order the book now.
By glassbuggy Date 2008-08-27 05:58 Edited 2008-08-27 06:07
The mudflap he is referring to is just the side panel (kind of a side pod - but flat with a kicked out design to block mud etc..) This doesn't verify it to be a Lido as many manufactures offered similar side panels.

With the Manx the deception came by adding a body line or scoop, changing the dash or something to circumvent the patent Bruce had on his design. With the Lido many places out and out just copied it, this is the main problem on identifying them. From what I can tell Balboa didn't put any identification on it such as stickers or id tags.
This goes for Dune Buggy Supply as well.

By Dennis M 638 Date 2008-09-21 01:32
Here is my '66 El Lobo,still original metalflake red gelcoat,and grille.

By Dave D 1226 Date 2008-10-15 02:46 Edited 2008-10-15 02:49
Im new the forum.

I got my first buggy this summer and I would have to say its a blast. I have been trying to figure out which body style I have. Until know I thought maybe a Lobo but I dont have the mud flaps.

Strange thing is there are a umber of these in the Phoenix area. I see them up for sale.

I want to get another Body shell this one has lots of filler and modifications. The light mounts were glassed up the hood is bolted down and bondo'd in. And the front driver fender has a crack. I love the body and would like another.


By Jake S Date 2009-06-24 18:54
this is my buggy i believe it is a El Lobo because it does have the fibrglass mudflaps in front. My grandfather got it in Phenix but not from a company it was out by his shop and asked my dad if he wanted it. i am now going to restore it :-) it was first metal flake red/gold which made it look brown. my dad didn't like it so they panted it blue.
By Barry H 2685 Date 2011-04-10 20:58
I don't have any info. but I believe I have a Lido/El Lobo. I bought it last summer near my house in Georgia. I had to replace the chassis, as the one it was on is rotted to pieces. I picked up a 68 bug with a real bad body, but a nice chassis. I'm almost done shortening it. I can't find any data plates or decals. I think there was something under the dash, but it appears to be gone. Mine was originally blue, and I'm going back with that color. I have videos posted on youtube under user name stryker679.

Can't wait to get this thing on the road.

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