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By Terry F Date 2009-04-14 17:53 Edited 2009-04-19 19:19
The 2.2 project has turned out very well, we have taken it up to Silver Lake several times and the motor has run great. We did have to upgrade the clutch disc to a 6 puck to prevent slippage on pulling full throttle climbs.
The motor has more potential then the Apppletree frame can handle as it is based on the stock VW suspension, both front and rear.
Brad is set on ordering a Litewave long travel frame from Spectrum Sand Sports in Holland. We rode in one of their Shockwave cars and it was amazing to fly over the whoops at 60 mph. Although the EJ22T would be a nice motor, Brad wants to keep up with the V8 guys so I picked up a H6 3.0 yesterday as a start to building a 400+ hp motor to push the long travel frame.
I will be posting pics as we go, starting with the H6 stock 212 horsepower to wherever we end up at. The only limiting factor in the build will be that it runs on 91 octane pump gas.
More To Come.
By @Jeff GS Date 2009-04-14 20:40
Sounds Awesome Terry.  Do post lots of pics.
Did you get the siameze exhaust port version?
I guess the biggie is - what transaxle will he be running?????

When I talked to Outback about running an H6, they said it would devour my 914 trans for lunch!  I guess a mendy will be in order..... $$$$
I "really" wanted to run that H6 in my Deserter - no turbo with ample power and torque.  Guess I'm glad i didn't now, seeing how tight the H4 is in there.  I wouldn't miss all the turbo plumbing and hassle though....

By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2009-04-15 02:12
This sounds like an awesome project and one I'll be keeping an eye on. I can't wait for pictures.

By Terry F Date 2009-04-18 00:27
First of all, yep it's the earlier oval exhaust port motor, the basic difference being it doesn't have variable lift or timing, but it can work with the simpler EMS Stinger ECU like I'm using on my EJ22T.
A Mendeola is already part of the plan, either a 2D or S4, using the OutFront Bellhousing designed for the Mendeola transaxles.
It has quickly turned into a two phase project, first phase will be naturally aspirated, then at a later time a turbo and intercooler  will be added. The reason for the two different phases is the desire to use 91 octane pump gas, something that isn't possible with the stock 10.7:1 compression ratio and any amount of boost.
Supertech ( makes a 8.5:1 ratio piston for the 3.0 which will allow turbo charging on pump gas. The guys at PDXTuning have a H6 build documented ( using custom Supertech pistons with a 8.0:1 CR with boost pressures up 16 psi.
Phase two will be swapping out the stock pistons for the Supertechs' and mild boost though an intercooler. We are shooting for 300 hp n/a and 450+ hp turbo'ed.

A few pic's to get started...

New trigger wheel location for the H6, behind the flywheel.

A good "before" shot, at least I hope.  :-)

Tearing into the harness. If you look close you can see the new cam sensor location is left of the fuel rail
By Terry F Date 2009-05-05 02:34
Quick update:
The two phase build plan is out, contrary to what I was told by the P.O. the motor needs attention before using. I did a compression check and number one cylinder had almost no compression and worse yet, I had tilted the motor on the stand towards that side of motor and oil leaked into the number one intake. The rings must be shot but surprisingly after tearing the motor down to the short block the cylinder wall looks perfectly fine and just like the other five, go figure.
Anyway, at this point we will be swapping the pistons out for the Supertech 8.5:1 so we can go directly to Turbo Mode. I'm really debating whether or not to upgrade the rods as the stock rods have been used with up to 16 psi  of boost. We are still planning to keep the octane at 91 I can't see the need for stronger rods but with the motor torn down to this point, why not go ahead, plus the old adage "better safe than sorry" comes to mind. And then, if we do decide to run 110 octane the bottom end is ready.

On another note, I'm wondering why we can't run the motor with two different fuel/timing maps so we can run 91 on the street with low boost and 110 on the dunes with high boost. Any ideas???

Pic's soon. - Terry
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2009-05-05 20:30
Terry, I'm wondering if you may have a slightly bent valve giving you bad compression as opposed to the cylinder/rings since you say they look like the other cylinders.

A slightly bent valve will look like its seated but give you bad compression results. You may want to look at that area.

By Steve B 1481 Date 2009-06-03 18:55
Is this a mid-engine buggy?  If so consider the Subaru trans.  I make the custom output flanges that let you use 100mm. buss CV's.
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