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By Dan C 884 Date 2008-04-19 01:21 Edited 2008-04-19 01:57
I have owned my buggy for about 16 years and have not known what the make was thanks to the Buggy ID I was asle to verify that my buggy is a Fun Hugger.   I have always loved the shape and would never sell it even though I did nothing with it.  Now I am fixing it and cant wait.  Does anyone have any information on these, I know nothing about them and would love a history.   This is the only Fun Hugger Ive ever seen, not sure if they were made for just a short time or just weren't popular. 

Thanks in advance for any information.
Fun Hugger.
By SurviverBlues Date 2008-04-19 05:10
Got pics?  We love pics!
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2008-04-20 00:33 Edited 2009-09-03 16:25
The DBA has info on it.
For each buggy, there is an Advertising Gallery that usually contains original ads.

Here's the fun hugger buggy Ad Gallery:

By Racer9 Date 2009-04-10 01:05
Hey all I also have a Fun hugger, I built into a street buggy about 10 yrs ago, up until I saw this post I thought I had the only surviving example. if you google search Fun Hugger there is a posting for a Fun Hugger with a Hard top.  I will upload some pics of mine soon,   also I agree that this is one very cool body style and would have a hard time parting with it.   I have been searching for over 12 years for another example of this buggy, it is amazing to me after all these years that I got 2 hits in the same day.   Please put some pics up as well. I would love to see your car.    I also own a Greene Motors MINI BUG   and again have never seen another one in existance
By Jay H (X-20) (ManxVair CC) Date 2009-04-10 01:42
Hey Ryan,
Post up those pics! Can't wait to see them.

The pictures we have of the Fun Buggy were taken at the Mid America Motorworks show in IL this last year. I took those photos and was VERY excited to have seen one in person. That particular buggy i *Believe* was up for sale.

By Geoffrey H 739 Date 2013-06-01 12:48
Hi Guys....

I'm friends with Leo Lyons who designed and created the "Fun Hugger" Dune Buggy.  He's 83 years old and doing great.  I'm in the process of documenting the history of these dune buggys with Leo so I should have some more detail - including a brochure to share - soon.  I'll post on our website "Forgotten Fiberglass" as well.

E-mail me if you need more information at

Great to see several survived.  According to Leo, he built them for 2-3 years and made 200+ kits.  More info to follow.

Best for now...

Geoff Hacker
Forgotten Fiberglass
By Racer9 Date 2014-12-11 06:22
Hello this Is Ryan G 250   I apologize to all of the buggy enthusiasts out there for not getting on this earlier,   I have owned a Minibug and a Funhugger for 20 years now.  Not quite sure how I lucked into such rare birds.  I feel like a jerk that I haven't found the time to get pics online till now  but I am very very busy.  Any ways  please check this Samba link for some Funhugger fun with a side of Minibug thrown in.

Please feel free to comment I am now trying to make a much better effort of participating in the online VW communities.   Time permitting lol
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