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DBA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I format Kwiki text?

A: See Kwiki Formatting

Q: What is a Thumbnail

A: As far as the pictures go, currently we are not hosting pictures on the site. It costs money for bandwidth and Table XI is providing hosting for free as long as we keep the bandwidth down to a minimum. Also the software to handle galleries is complex and if not done right, very frustrating to use. DBA will consider hosting images in the future.

For now, DBA uses a simple thumbnail system. If you put your pictures in a gallery on Photobucket or the Australian Manx Club Gallery, then right click on the thumbnail of the picture and follow one of these steps:

Internet Explorer: select Properties, copy the "Address" - you may have to drag off the window to the right

Firefox: select "copy image location"

Paste into the "Thumbnail" field anywhere on the site. On the next line down you can put a short description of the picture (Hood, My friend's manx, etc) and then repeat the process on the next line. Its really easy - just sounds a bit complex.

Here's what it would look like for my favorite Imp jump sequence:
Take off!
Hold on for dear life!
Land it!
Bounce & Swish!

Thumbnails recognized by the system (you see "Full Size" as a link above the image) are from Picasa Web Exports, PhotoBucket, and Manx Club. If it sees thumbnails from any of these, it will put a little "Full Size" link above the thumbnail which will open the full size version in another window.

Q: Where should I host photos?

A: Two great places to host photos are:

PhotoBucket John's DBA gallery

The Manx Club of Australia - Jerry's Gallery

DBA can put "Full Size" links above thumbnails from both these gallery sites.

Q: I get an XML error on the Forum pages?

It looks like:
XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 1, Column 221:<?xml version='1.0' ...

A: I tried to fix this since my own laptop has this issue under Firefox. If I hit control-F5 to refresh the page, it loads fine. Try this AND email me since I'll work a lot harder on the problem if someone else is experiencing this too.

Q: Why are some Kwiki links gray and some red?

A: Gray links mean that a page has not yet been created for that link. Red means a page has been created.

If you'd like to create a page - click on a gray link and write something about that page. Hit save. The link should turn red from now on.